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Health - Environment - 22.06.2020
Opinion: Four potential consequences of wearing face masks we need to be wary of
Dr Olga Perski (UCL Behavioural Science and Health) and a colleague warn of four potential consequences facing the population and the environment from people wearing face masks. If healthcare workers wear surgical masks, there is good evidence that it limits the spread of respiratory viral infections in hospitals.

Social Sciences - Innovation - 22.06.2020

Health - Pharmacology - 19.06.2020
Missed eye appointments may increase sight loss post-lockdown
The COVID-19 lockdown is threatening the sight of thousands of elderly people across the UK as eye clinics have reported more than a 70% reduction in new referrals and a high rate of missed appointments, finds a new study co-led by UCL.

Environment - 19.06.2020
Analysis: COVID-19 shutdowns will give wildlife only short-term relief from climate change
With many questioning the impact of Covid-19 on global ecosystems, Research Fellow Dr Tim Newbold (UCL Biosciences), and his colleagues explain how while the pandemic has resulted in a lighter human footprint, human efforts must work toward reducing carbon emissions.

Mechanical Engineering - 19.06.2020
New system uses wind turbines to defend the national grid from power cut
A ‘smart' system that controls the storage and release of energy from wind turbines will reduce the risk of power cuts and support the increase of wind energy use world-wide, say researchers at the University of Birmingham.

Linguistics / Literature - 19.06.2020

History / Archeology - 19.06.2020

Social Sciences - 18.06.2020
Opinion: Colonial slavery shaped modern Britain, and we all live with its legacies
Professor Matthew Smith (UCL History), Director of the UCL Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slave-ownership, writes about the UCL Legacies of British Slave-ownership project and its mission to improve understanding of slavery around the world.

Health - Environment - 18.06.2020
Opinion: One metre or two? The science behind social distancing
With air currents, droplets and the environment to consider, Dr Lena Ciric (UCL Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering) discusses the science behind what safe distance guidelines to avoid infection of Covid-19.

Pedagogy - 18.06.2020

Health - Pharmacology - 18.06.2020
Tackling COVID-19: Professor Ravi Gupta
"This virus is probably going to be circulating for years - it will take a long time to sort out." In a building that has been largely empty for the past three months, Ravi Gupta has been working non-stop alongside other virus experts.

Social Sciences - 18.06.2020
Stigma of broken family relationships compounded by lockdown
Stigma of broken family relationships compounded by lockdown
Lockdown restrictions have not brought estranged family members closer together, and recent focus on the importance of family support has made dealing with the pandemic even more difficult for those with challenging family situations, a new study published today has found. The report, by researchers at the University of Cambridge, Edge Hill University and the UK-based charity Stand Alone, brings together over 800 responses to a survey sent out to the charity's UK community.

Social Sciences - 17.06.2020
Community spirit dwindling amongst British public during lockdown says new poll
The UK public feel that any sense of ‘community togetherness' that has been built during the coronavirus crisis will disperse as soon as it is over says a new study commissioned by the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues at the University of Birmingham.

Health - 17.06.2020
Unpaid carers going hungry during COVID lockdown says study
Unpaid carers are twice as likely as the general public to have relied on a food bank during the Covid-19 pandemic says a new study.

Health - Life Sciences - 17.06.2020
What archaeological records can tell us about historic epidemics
Infectious diseases have been with us since our beginnings as a species. Professor Charlotte Roberts explains what the archaeological record reveals about epidemics throughout history - and the human response to them. The previous pandemics to which people often compare COVID-19 - the influenza pandemic of 1918 , the Black Death bubonic plague (1342-1353), the Justinian plague (541-542) - don't seem that long ago to archaeologists.

Earth Sciences - 17.06.2020

Social Sciences - 17.06.2020

Health - 17.06.2020
People in England's poorest towns 'lose over a decade of good health'
People in England’s poorest towns ’lose over a decade of good health’
Cambridge researchers find major health inequalities - as well as a geographic divide - between the most and least deprived English towns.

Health - Pharmacology - 16.06.2020
Liver perfusion could save 7 in 10 rejected donor livers
A major study investigating the effectiveness of liver perfusion as a technique to improve the function of donor livers that would have otherwise been rejected has shown that up to 7 in every 10 could be used after just 4-6 hours of the assessment. The study, ‘ Transplantation of discarded livers following viability testing with normothermic machine perfusion' , published today , could have significant implications for the liver transplant waiting list and the commissioning of local transplant services.

Sport - Innovation - 16.06.2020
The future of women's football is under threat
The future of women’s football is under threat
New research by Dr Stacey Pope has found that Covid-19 is impacting men's and women's football differently.

Chemistry - Materials Science - 16.06.2020
Using Jenga to explain lithium-ion batteries
Tower block games such as Jenga can be used to explain to schoolchildren how lithium-ion batteries work, meeting an educational need to better understand a power source that has become vital to everyday life.

Economics / Business - 16.06.2020

Health - Pharmacology - 15.06.2020
Imperial to begin first human trials of new COVID-19 vaccine
Imperial to begin first human trials of new COVID-19 vaccine
Clinical researchers are this week set to begin human trials of a new coronavirus vaccine developed by researchers at Imperial College London.

Pedagogy - 15.06.2020
Children doing 2.5 hours’ schoolwork a day on average
Children locked down at home in the UK spend an average of 2.5 hours each day doing schoolwork, new research by UCL Institute of Education (IOE) suggests. This figure is about half that suggested by a previous survey, implying that learning losses are much greater than previously thought. In addition, the variability in the amount of schoolwork being done at home is adding to existing regional and socioeconomic inequalities.

Environment - Economics / Business - 15.06.2020
Could Africa have a sustainable palm industry?
Could Africa have a sustainable palm industry?
Palm plantations are associated with deforestation and ecological harm, but researchers are pointing to ways things can be done differently in Africa.

Environment - Health - 15.06.2020
From clickbait to transparency: Reimagining the online world
You're scrolling through your YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter feed when a video appears: a report on secret political deals, media conspiracies, or fake scientific studies.

Health - 15.06.2020
Experts support maternal health professionals during COVID-19 pandemic
Health professionals around the globe can join a series of online expert workshops aimed at improving the care of pregnant women during the current COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in lowand middle-countries.

Social Sciences - 15.06.2020
Statement from the University on anti-racism
Statement from the University on anti-racism
In light of the traumatic effect of the killing of George Floyd, and the global focus it has brought to communities and organisations to take further action on racism, the University is reaffirming i

Computer Science - Physics - 15.06.2020
Major investors back disruptive new player in quantum computing race
Major investors back disruptive new player in quantum computing race
Universal Quantum, a disruptive new player on the global quantum computing stage, has today emerged out of stealth announcing an oversubscribed 3.6 million seed-funding round.

Politics - 15.06.2020
Blame for Parliament over Brexit left scars on British politics
The arguments over parliament's role in Brexit left "scars on our politics", at a time when public trust in our core democratic institutions is more crucial than ever in responding to the Covid-19 crisis, says a UCL and UK in a Changing Europe analysis.

Social Sciences - 15.06.2020
Community Sponsorship Refugee Resettlement Scheme can be strengthened if more support is given to hosts and refugees - says study
Following the successful introduction of the UK's Community Sponsorship Scheme (CSS) complex and important challenges remain unresolved around the effective provision of pre-arrival information for r

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