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Health - Pharmacology - 08.11.2019
Birmingham experts join Indian medics to counter surgical infection threat
University of Birmingham experts joined medical professionals in India to lead work in improving care for surgical patients.

Veterinary Science - 08.11.2019
Creating fake rhino horn with horse hair to help save the endangered rhino | University of Oxford
Scientists from the University of Oxford and Fudan University, Shanghai, have invented a way to create fake rhino horn using horse hair.

Administration - 07.11.2019

Criminology / Forensics - 07.11.2019
Seven Questions with Julian Laufs
This week we meet Julian Laufs, a PhD candidate who talks us through his role as a student quality reviewer where he worked in partnership with staff to improve teaching at UCL.

Music - 07.11.2019

Life Sciences - 07.11.2019
Neuroscientist working to improve science communication in Nigeria
Neuroscientist working to improve science communication in Nigeria
Sussex neuroscientist working to improve science communication in Nigeria A neuroscientist at the University of Sussex is helping to improve science communications in Nigeria by partnering the country's top journalists with scientists and academics.

Pedagogy - 07.11.2019
Spending time in nature can improve children’s confidence
Four out of five children say they feel more confident in themselves after spending time participating in outdoor activities, according to new UCL research.

Astronomy / Space Science - 07.11.2019
Euclid mission one step closer as camera nears completion
Key components for a massive optical digital camera onboard the European Space Agency's Euclid space telescope have been delivered by astronomers and engineers from the UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory.

Business / Economics - 07.11.2019
Banks and other financial services urged to help reduce gambling-related harm
Banks and other financial services urged to help reduce gambling-related harm
During Responsible Gambling Week [7 to 13 November], financial services organisations are being called upon to take part in a new programme which looks at how best to help people who are struggling with gambling problems.

Computer Science / Telecom - Business / Economics - 06.11.2019

Academic Rankings - Social Sciences - 06.11.2019

Linguistics / Literature - 06.11.2019
Eccentric creator of 'alternative national library' celebrated
Eccentric creator of ’alternative national library’ celebrated
The life of a maverick Welsh collector who built the first major collection of books about Wales is being celebrated 200 years after his birth.

Physics - Life Sciences - 06.11.2019
New contemporary dance inspired by biophysics
New contemporary dance inspired by biophysics
Laser microscopy might not be the most obvious inspiration for dance. But the cutting-edge research of one Cardiff University scientist is being used as the basis for a new contemporary work.

Astronomy / Space Science - 06.11.2019
UCL Observatory celebrates 90 years with new telescope unveiling
The new, state-of-the-art Perren telescope was unveiled today at the UCL Observatory (UCLO) by Astronomer Royal, Lord Martin Rees, to celebrate 90 years since the observatory was first opened by then Astronomer Royal, Sir Frank Watson Dyson.

Career - 06.11.2019
Loneliness of seafarers highlighted in report
Long working hours, isolation and extended periods away from home put seafarers at risk of poor mental health, new research by Cardiff University finds. The study, funded by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), urges cargo shipping companies to provide greater support for workers to help prevent conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Pedagogy - 05.11.2019
Rich resources of private schools give pupils educational advantage
Pupils in private schools do significantly better at A levels compared to those in similar state schools according to UCL research, which is the first to study the current performance gap in upper secondary education in England.

Administration - 05.11.2019
Protecting UK’s global research position is key priority
Protecting and strengthening the UK's leading international position in a globally competitive research and innovation environment is a top priority outlined in a new report for UK Government, co-authored by UCL's Professor Graeme Reid.

Environment - 04.11.2019
Single-use plastic being significantly reduced on campus
Students and staff at the University of Birmingham have launched a campaign to drastically reduce the use of plastics on campus.

Health - Pharmacology - 04.11.2019

Social Sciences - 04.11.2019
Animations in Amazonia
Animations in Amazonia
A Social Anthropologist from the University of Bristol has been working with the Matses, an indigenous people who live in a very remote area of the Amazon rainforest, to create a series of animated films that aim to raise awareness of their culture and the challenges they face in the 21st century.

Administration - 01.11.2019

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 01.11.2019
Mobile app to provide the latest on black hole collisions and merging neutron stars
PhD students from the Institute for Gravitational Wave Astronomy have released a new app to encourage members of the public to stay up to date with new gravitational wave events in near real time.

Social Sciences - 01.11.2019
Seven Questions with Kyoo Hwa Kim
This week we chat to third year Experimental Psychology PhD student Kyoo, who worked in banking for 15 years before deciding to return to studying after becoming a mother.

Social Sciences - 01.11.2019

Health - Pharmacology - 01.11.2019

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