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Research Management - Materials Science - 17.11.2022

Physics - Materials Science - 17.11.2022
Graphene scientists explore electronic materials with nanoscale curved geometries
Sketch of different research topics currently explored in electronic materials with nanoscale curved geometries. From left to right: geometry-controlled quantum spin transport, spin-triplet Cooper pairs in superconductors, magnetic textures in curvilinear structures. In a recently published paper in Nature Electronics , an international research group from Italy, Germany, the UK, and China examined significant development directions in the field of electronic materials with curved geometries at the nanoscale.

Materials Science - 16.11.2022

Environment - Materials Science - 04.11.2022
Imperial academics secure £6.1m EPSRC grant to develop sustainable materials
Imperial College London will lead a collaboration between industrial and academics partners to develop functional materials from biowaste products.

Physics - Materials Science - 17.10.2022

Research Management - Materials Science - 22.09.2022

Materials Science - Innovation - 21.06.2022
Advanced materials and automation: manufacturing's 'dream team'
Advanced materials and automation: manufacturing’s ’dream team’
The University of Manchester's expertise in advanced materials and robotic systems will play a key role in driving a revolution in UK manufacturing, according to graphene start-up pioneer Dr Vivek Koncherry.

Innovation - Materials Science - 25.05.2022
GEIC partner Watercycle Technologies secures funding for lithium extraction process
GEIC partner Watercycle Technologies secures funding for lithium extraction process
Watercycle Technologies, a spin-out from The University of Manchester, has secured initial funding for an innovative technology that uses advanced graphene-based membranes and systems to extract lithium and other minerals from brines and water solutions.

Innovation - Materials Science - 20.04.2022
GEIC partner community strengthens with arrivals and renewals
GEIC partner community strengthens with arrivals and renewals
The Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre's ecosystem for industrial engagement continues to grow with more Tier 2 partners being added to the roster in recent weeks, while existing partners have also committed to the facility by renewing terms for another year.

Materials Science - Physics - 12.04.2022

Physics - Materials Science - 14.03.2022

Astronomy / Space Science - Materials Science - 11.02.2022
Manchester satellite program wins national engineering award
Manchester satellite program wins national engineering award
Technical advances made through The University of Manchester led DISCOVERER project to create new generation satellites capable of operating at a lower orbit have been honoured at The Engineer's Collaborate to Innovate (C2I) awards.

Electroengineering - Materials Science - 09.02.2022
Biodegradable microchips could help reduce electronic waste
A new research project is setting out to find a solution to the growing problem of electronic waste by creating the world's first controlled degradable integrated circuits. Researchers from the University of Glasgow's James Watt School of Engineering have won a £1.5m grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) for the project.

Materials Science - 18.01.2022
New Loqski glass fibre ski lock to keep your skis safe this season
With winter being the ski season many skiers will be off on holiday, possibly taking their own expensive skis When leaving your skis for a break from the slopes they-re at risk of being taken intenti

Materials Science - Transport - 23.11.2021

Environment - Materials Science - 22.11.2021
Lemons-aid 'juicy' Guinness World Records breaker for highest voltage fruit battery
Lemons-aid ’juicy’ Guinness World Records breaker for highest voltage fruit battery
Almost 3,000 lemons launch battery-powered go-kart race and add zest to the importance of energy storage and new innovations in tackling climate change.

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Materials Science - Economics / Business - 19.08.2021
UK-based consortium established to develop prototype solid-state batteries
A consortium of seven UK-based organisations has signed a memorandum of understanding to combine ambitions to develop world-leading prototype solid-state battery technology, targeting automotive applications.

Physics - Materials Science - 10.08.2021
New manufacturing process could be passport to flexible next-gen electronics
A new method for manufacturing electronics which prints high-performance silicon directly onto flexible materials could lead to breakthroughs in technologies including prosthetics, high-end electronics and fully bendable digital displays. https://youtu.be/GqkjDCHeVws In a new paper published in the journal NPJ Flexible Electronics , engineers from the University of Glasgow's Bendable Electronics and Sensing Technologies (BEST) group outline how they have streamlined and improved the conventional process for creating flexible large area electronics.

Materials Science - Administration - 28.07.2021
Global approach is needed on battery regulation
New European Union regulations on batteries could offer a huge boost to the global decarbonisation mission - but only if it leverages its political and economic weight to ensure a fairer global marketplace.

Environment - Materials Science - 19.07.2021
New GEIC Tier 2 partners showcase range of 2D material tech
Graphene@Manchester is pleased to announce a range of new industrial partnerships, with three new Tier 2 agreements signed in July and more to follow in the coming weeks.

Campus - Materials Science - 30.06.2021
Norton Motorcycles supports student electric motorcycle research with WMG, University of Warwick
Norton Motorcycles engineers have supported students at WMG, University of Warwick to develop a TT capable electric racing motorcycle, named 'Frontier' This includes donating a high performance bike

Health - Materials Science - 23.06.2021
Researcher named one of Top 50 Women in Engineering
Dr Sohini Kar-Narayan from Cambridge's Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy has been named one of the top 50 Women in Engineering 2021 by the Women's Engineering Society.

Materials Science - Physics - 22.06.2021
Clare Grey awarded ¤1 million Körber Prize
Clare Grey awarded ¤1 million Körber Prize
The Körber European Science Prize 2021, worth one million euros, is to be awarded to University of Cambridge chemist Professor Clare Grey, one of the UK's leading battery researchers.

Materials Science - Electroengineering - 07.06.2021
Lead-acid battery lifespan to be increased for use in energy storage systems
· Lead-acid batteries are an established alternative to Li-ion batteries as they are simpler safer to use and are recyclable · How to increase the lifespan and health of batteries will be researched by WMG, University of Warwick, in collaboration with Loughborough University.

Materials Science - Economics / Business - 01.04.2021
Act now to secure the UK's critical materials supply, say Birmingham experts
Act now to secure the UK’s critical materials supply, say Birmingham experts
The UK must act now to ensure a stable supply of technology-critical metals (TCMs) essential for its transition to clean energy and the delivery of its ten point plan for a green industrial revolution, according to a produced by the University of Birmingham.

Environment - Materials Science - 15.12.2020

Physics - Materials Science - 10.12.2020
UofG lends support to transatlantic quantum collaboration
Researchers from the University of Glasgow are lending their expertise to a UK-Canada partnership which aims to create an advanced manufacturing toolkit for quantum sensing and quantum computing.

Health - Materials Science - 19.11.2020
Anti-COVID-19 nasal spray ’ready for use in humans’
A nasal spray that can provide effective protection against the COVID-19 virus has been developed by researchers at the University of Birmingham, using materials already cleared for use in humans.

Environment - Materials Science - 12.11.2020

Materials Science - Chemistry - 23.10.2020
Researchers tackle the surface transmission of COVID-19 in new partnership
A project to develop surface treatments that can provide long-lasting protection against the COVID-19 virus has been launched at the University of Birmingham.

Event - Materials Science - 05.10.2020
Black Legacies in STEM exhibition launches today
To celebrate Black History Month 2020, an exhibition curated by Africans in STEM entitled 'Past & Present: Black Legacies in STEM' launches online today (5 October).