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Microtechnics - Career - 15.03.2023
Robots can help improve mental wellbeing at work - as long as they look right
Robots can help improve mental wellbeing at work - as long as they look right
Robots can be useful as mental wellbeing coaches in the workplace - but perception of their effectiveness depends in large part on what the robot looks like.

Computer Science - Microtechnics - 16.12.2022
Radioactive robot Lyra named Best Invention of 2022
A radioactive robot developed by The University of Manchester researchers has been awarded Best Invention in 2022 by Time Magazine.

Microtechnics - Computer Science - 22.11.2022
Manchester AI summit aims to attract experts in advanced engineering and robotics
The University of Manchester is launching a new specialist multi-disciplinary centre to explore developments in smart robotics through the lens of artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous machinery.

Microtechnics - Computer Science - 06.09.2022
How are everyday scientific practices influenced by automation and digitalization?
How are everyday scientific practices influenced by automation and digitalization?
Barbara Ribeiro, Robert Meckin, Andrew Balmer and Philip Shapira have published a new paper in Research Policy on the digitalisation paradox of everyday scientific labour.

Microtechnics - 10.08.2022

Microtechnics - Computer Science - 23.05.2022
Manchester experts are designing AI-powered machines tough enough to work safely in hostile hotspots
Manchester experts are designing AI-powered machines tough enough to work safely in hostile hotspots
A new generation of smart robots is being developed at The University of Manchester that can be trusted to think and act for themselves in some of the most hazardous places on Earth - and beyond.

Economics - Microtechnics - 15.07.2021
Innovate UK funds University of Glasgow and eCom Scotland joint project
The University of Glasgow is collaborating with the digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom Scotland is collaborating in a six-month project, funded by Innovate UK.

Health - Microtechnics - 05.06.2021
T-rays could 'revolutionise cancer treatment'
T-rays could ’revolutionise cancer treatment’
Researchers are investigating whether a kinder form of radiation known as T-rays could be used to image and treat patients with skin or bowel cancer.

Microtechnics - 27.11.2020
Electronic skin could help robots get in touch with their feelings
A new type of energy-generating synthetic skin could create more affordable prosthetic limbs and robots capable of mimicking the sense of touch, scientists say. In an early-view paper published in the journal IEEE Transactions on Robotics , researchers from the University of Glasgow describe how a robotic hand wrapped in their flexible solar skin is capable of interacting with objects without using dedicated and expensive touch sensors.

Microtechnics - Computer Science - 26.10.2020
Multidisciplinary Bristol team receives £3m to investigate trustworthiness of future robots
Would you trust a robot surgeon? What about a robot pilot, shop assistant or emergency responder? Would you trust them if they had the ability to adapt and change how they functioned? What would it t

Computer Science - Microtechnics - 01.06.2020
A good egg: robot chef trained to make omelettes
A team of engineers have trained a robot to prepare an omelette, all the way from cracking the eggs to plating the finished dish, and refined the 'chef's' culinary skills to produce a reliable dish that actually tastes good. Cooking is a really interesting problem for roboticists, as humans can never be totally objective when it comes to food, so how do we as scientists assess whether the robot has done a good job?

Computer Science - Microtechnics - 01.05.2020
Oxford University and Amazon Web Services create a test-bed for cloud-based research
Today the University of Oxford is delighted to announce a new strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Microtechnics - 12.03.2020
Disaster relief project DAREs to think different with drones
In disaster zones has had its first successful demonstration. The Distributed Autonomous and Resilient Emergency Management System (or DARE) project took to the skies in the University of Glasgow's Stevenson Building today (Thursday 12 March).

Microtechnics - 18.02.2020
New local MP visits South Kensington campus
Imperial welcomed the new MP for Kensington, Felicity Buchan MP, to talk teaching, research and innovation on campus.

Microtechnics - 21.01.2020
How Bristol drones could help save our most endangered species
With funding from Cabot Institute for the Environment , BZS and the EPSRC 's CASCADE grant, a joint team flew to Cameroon in December to trial the use of drones, sensor technologies and deployment techniques to monitor populations of the Critically Endangered Kordofan giraffe at Bénoué National Park.

Microtechnics - 20.11.2019
Soft skin-like robots you can put in your pocket
Stretchable skin-like robots that can be rolled up and put in your pocket have been developed by a University of Bristol team using a new way of embedding artificial muscles and electrical adhesion into soft materials.

Computer Science - Microtechnics - 15.10.2019
Handwashing robot helps schoolkids make a clean break with bad habits
A robot which encourages kids to wash their hands has helped pupils at a remote Indian primary school take a fresh approach to hygiene.

Computer Science - Microtechnics - 23.09.2019