Pharmacology - Sep 17
New research from the Addiction and Mental Health Group at the University of Bath highlights challenges for people trying to give up the drug 'Spice'. Last updated on Friday 17 September 2021 - Research published today by psychologists at the University of Bath suggests that 'Spice' - which contains synthetic drugs originally designed to mimic the effects of cannabis - is more harmful than cannabis and that users are likely to experience more severe withdrawal symptoms when attempting to quit.
Health - Sep 16

New research led by the University of Birmingham suggests that skin cancer patients could have a better prognosis if their T cells send messages from five specific genes in their immune response to drugs given to treat the disease.

Environment - Sep 16

Making food more affordable for ethnic minority groups is crucial to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our diets, scientists have suggested.

Health - Sep 16

A study of over 1.4 million Danes has revealed a link between higher levels of exposure to two common pollutants during childhood and an increased risk of self-harm in later life. The collaboration between academics at The University of Manchester and Aarhus University in Denmark is published today (16/09/2021) in a special issue on suicide prevention of the journal Preventive Medicine .

Pharmacology - Sep 15

A drug already used to treat high blood pressure could be re-purposed as the first treatment to tackle a type of vascular dementia caused by damaged and 'leaky' small blood vessels in the brain, according to research part-funded by the British Heart Foundation and published today in the.

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