Health - Jun 4
Levels of anxiety and depression in the UK have both fallen in the past week but remain above the usual reported averages, according to UCL's Covid-19 social study of over 90,000 adults during the coronavirus epidemic. The ongoing study, which was launched in the week before lockdown, is funded by the Nuffield Foundation with additional support from Wellcome and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).
Health - Jun 3

Cholesterol levels are declining sharply in Western nations, but rising in lowand middle-income nations - particularly in Asia. This is the finding of the largest ever study of global cholesterol levels.

Life Sciences - Jun 3
Life Sciences

Urban red foxes are becoming more similar to domesticated dogs as they adapt to their city environment, according to a new analysis.

Health - Jun 3

First study of SAMBA II devices on hospital wards finds patient time on COVID 'holding wards' was almost halved. Researchers say faster tests helped expedite access to life-saving treatments such as organ transplants - and might make all the difference later this year.

Health - Jun 3

Covid-19 disinformation is more likely to be shared by younger people and those who use smaller social media channels, research shows.

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