Health - Oct 29
A UCL-led project exploring the impact of coronavirus on older people's mental health in Peru is one of the first to receive new government funding, aimed at addressing the pandemic's impact in lowand middle-income countries.
Astronomy - Oct 29

The LIGO and Virgo Collaborations, which includes researchers from the University of Birmingham, have announced a further 39 gravitational-wave events, bringing the total number of confident detections to 50.

Economics - Oct 29

COVID-19 is having a massive impact on household finances, with personal debts increasing. But some people are seeing their savings rise as their incomes remain unaffected and their spending has been curtailed - says a new financial inclusion monitor from the University of Birmingham and the University of Lincoln.

Health - Oct 29

The will take part in a new pilot scheme to assess the use of Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs), a new COVID-19 test designed to identify asymptomatic individuals with the virus.

Health - Oct 29

Covering up gaps around the screen separating bus drivers from passengers is an effective way to reduce Covid-19 transmission risk for drivers while they are in their cabin, according to a study by UCL researchers commissioned by Transport for London.

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