Health - Sep 25
Measures introduced to protect homeless people from COVID-19 infection, including the use of hotel accommodation and increased hostel hygiene, are estimated to have prevented hundreds of deaths in this vulnerable population, finds a new study led by UCL researchers. The research team, whose modelling study is published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine , also find that relaxing these infection control measures could lead to outbreaks and potentially hundreds of deaths among homeless people, whether there is a second wave or not.
Environment - Sep 25

The largest-ever study of tree rings from Norilsk in the Russian Arctic has shown that the direct and indirect effects of industrial pollution in the region and beyond are far worse than previously thought.

Life Sciences - Sep 24

Being held by a parent with skin-to-skin contact reduces how strongly a newborn baby's brain responds to a painful medical jab, finds a new study led by researchers at UCL and York University, Canada.

Health - Sep 24

Using dried blood spot samples (DBS) is an accurate alternative to venous blood in detecting SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests, a new study by immunology experts at the University of Birmingham has found.

Health - Sep 24

A fifth (22%) of people have said that when a Covid-19 vaccine is approved, they're unlikely to get it, with 10% of people saying they were 'very unlikely' to get vaccinated, find UCL researchers as part of the Covid-19 Social Study.

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