Imperceptible sensors made from ’electronic spider silk’ can be printed directly on human skin

Microtechnics - May 24

Researchers have developed a method to make adaptive and eco-friendly sensors that can be directly and imperceptibly printed onto a wide range of biological surfaces, whether that's a finger or a flower petal. The method, developed by researchers from the University of Cambridge, takes its inspiration from spider silk, which can conform and stick to a range of surfaces.

Health - May 24

Nicotine use rises among young adults in England but cigarette smoking continues to decline


Overall nicotine use has risen among adults in England since disposable vapes started becoming popular, due to a rapid increase in vaping among young adults coupled with a modest overall decline in smoking, finds a new study by UCL researchers.

Environment - May 24

Ambitious targets are needed to end ocean plastic pollution by 2100

Research suggests that plastic pollution must be reduced by at least 5% every year to make progress towards UN targets by the end of the century.

Intriguing Earth-sized planet discovered 40 light years away

Astronomy & Space

Two international teams of astronomers, including one co-led by a PhD candidate based at UCL and the University of Edinburgh, have discovered a planet only 40 light years away whose size is between that of Earth and Venus.

Chemistry - May 23

Sponge-like material that could boost nuclear energy and hydrogen tech


Chemists have developed breakthrough porous materials that could be used for the future of energy, including in the nuclear industry or for storing hydrogen.

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