Health - Dec 1
Using the new -smart contact lens- could prevent deaths caused by fungal eye infections in developing countries. Currently, detecting which bacteria or fungus is present in an eye infection is an invasive and lengthy process - the new test would involve the patient wearing the special lens for an hour, with the results determined soon afterwards It will also cut down on the misprescribing of antibiotics, helping in the fight to reduce antibiotic resistance - A pioneering -smart contact lens- to test for eye infections in a quick, non-invasive way is being developed.

Frequent online communication with best friends and existing friendship groups is associated with better wellbeing in young people, new research by Cardiff University has found.

Environment - Nov 29

Dormant strains of bacteria that have previously adapted to cope with certain temperatures are switched back on during climatic change, study shows.

Health - Dec 1

Cambridge researchers have developed a method for measuring overall fitness accurately on wearable devices - and more robustly than current consumer smartwatches and fitness monitors - without the wearer needing to exercise.

Environment - Nov 29

A new study finds treeshrews increase in size in warmer settings, contrary to established norms. Our study is the first to demonstrate a rule reversal over time in any species.

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