Health - Oct 26
Researchers involved in a major COVID-19 study - launched in Scotland earlier in the year to understand the long-term health of people who have had COVID-19 - are encouraging the public to participate if they receive a new invitation. Led by the University of Glasgow, in collaboration with Public Health Scotland and the NHS in Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government Chief Scientist Office, the ambitious research project is seeking to better understand how many people have long-term problems after COVID in Scotland, using an app-based questionnaire that will enable people to explain how COVID-19 is still affecting their lives.
Research Management - Oct 25

New research by University of Warwick researchers highlights the challenges faced by hospices in West Midlands. Early findings of a new research project have found that hospices in the West Midlands felt they were "overlooked" at key moments during the pandemic.

Health - Oct 22

There were nearly twice as many unplanned pregnancies during the first lockdown compared to before, finds a major study led by researchers from UCL and University College London Hospital.

Life Sciences - Oct 25

The sharpest images ever of living bacteria have been recorded by UCL researchers, revealing the complex architecture of the protective layer that surrounds many bacteria and makes them harder to be killed by antibiotics.

Law - Oct 22

What happens to all the sensitive personal information our smart devices collect from us? Where does the data picked up by our smart watches, speakers and TVs go, who has access to it and how is it used? It's often unclear what happens with the data these devices collect: where that data goes and how it is used.

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