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Administration - 19.05.2022

Administration - 12.05.2022
Opinion: Why import restrictions aren’t enough to help Nigeria industrialise
Writing in The Conversation, Dr Michael Odijie (UCL History) and Poorva Karkare of ECDPM, take a careful and critical look at how Nigeria's closed-borders policies designed to fight goods smuggling is limiting trade with their neighbours and their own industrialisation.

Politics - Administration - 07.03.2022
Opinion: How does Putin extract himself from this nightmare of his own making?
Opinion: How does Putin extract himself from this nightmare of his own making?
Paralysed by Ukraine, the Russian president will need his security services to keep him in power, says Professor Mark Galeotti (UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies).

Economics / Business - Administration - 03.03.2022
Introduce price cap on cigarettes to reduce smoking - new study
New research paper asks what more countries with already-high tobacco tax rates could do to reduce smoking.

Environment - Administration - 16.02.2022
Shortcomings in Wales’ local authority climate commitments, report finds
Greater urgency is required from local authorities in Wales in order to address the climate emergency, according to a report led by Cardiff University.

Architecture - Administration - 14.02.2022
Addis Ababa yet to meet the needs of residents: what has to change
Addis Ababa yet to meet the needs of residents: what has to change
With an estimated population of more than 3.7 million people , Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, is home to about a quarter of Ethiopia's urban population.

Campus - Administration - 10.02.2022

Administration - 02.02.2022
Bath experts available to comment on government’s levelling up plan
Dr Michael Donnelly (Education) and Dr Ricky Kanabar (Social & Policy Sciences) comment on the government's levelling up White Paper.

Administration - 24.01.2022
Opinion: London's Ukraine coup claims strain both belief and consensus
Opinion: London’s Ukraine coup claims strain both belief and consensus
In an age of ubiquitous disinformation and misinformation, it is no longer enough for governments simply to hint at having intelligence in support of their claims, says Professor Mark Galeotti (UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies).

Administration - Campus - 20.01.2022

Economics / Business - Administration - 10.11.2021

Administration - Social Sciences - 26.10.2021

Social Sciences - Administration - 08.10.2021
Children and young people to share their views on tackling inequality
Local children and young people from Drumchapel will have the opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas on how their neighbourhood can be made a better place to grow up and thrive.

Event - Administration - 22.09.2021

Materials Science - Administration - 28.07.2021
Global approach is needed on battery regulation
New European Union regulations on batteries could offer a huge boost to the global decarbonisation mission - but only if it leverages its political and economic weight to ensure a fairer global marketplace.

Administration - Economics / Business - 09.06.2021
New report shows it is ’not enough to mandate a human right to adequate housing; we need to define it’
Housing is a human right and ensuring that every household has an adequate house is one of the key obligations on the Scottish Government and Local Councils. A new report published by the Association of Local Authority Chief Housing Officers (ALACHO) has shown that not every household enjoys this right and current housing policies may not be doing enough to improve things.

Administration - Economics / Business - 20.05.2021
Popular destinations will struggle without better regulation of short term lets
Local authorities and city governments must have more power to regulate short term rentals, if popular UK and European travel destinations are to cope with the expected rise in demand for holiday accommodation, finds a new report by UCL researchers.

Career - Administration - 30.04.2021

Law - Administration - 01.04.2021
Opinion: Britain holds on to a colony in Africa, with America’s help
Together, the USA and Britain are sabotaging their own efforts to curb China's advances in the South China Sea, says Professor Philippe Sands (UCL Laws).

Campus - Administration - 01.04.2021

Environment - Administration - 12.03.2021

Administration - 16.02.2021
NHS’ use of management consultants is a harmful habit
The use of paid management consultants in the NHS has become habitual despite its negative impact on efficiency, according to new research.

Administration - 28.01.2021

Health - Administration - 19.01.2021
Successive governments’ approaches to obesity policies have destined them to fail, say researchers
Government obesity policies in England over the past three decades have largely failed because of problems with implementation, lack of learning from past successes or failures, and a reliance on trying to persuade individuals to change their behaviour rather than tackling unhealthy environments.

Administration - Environment - 12.01.2021

Criminology / Forensics - Administration - 18.12.2020
Opinion: Can actions of undercover police who had relationships with targets ever be justified?
An inquiry into undercover police who had sexual relationships with their targets is finally underway, but Dr Paul McFarlane (UCL Security & Crime Science) asks: can their actions ever be justified?
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