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Campus - Sport - 10.01.2023

Innovation - Sport - 19.12.2022

Sport - 25.11.2022
Contraflow cycling does not increase crash rate
Allowing cycling in both directions on one-way streets does not pose a safety risk and should be made mandatory in all but exceptional cases, according to a new study by Leeds researchers. In the first large-scale research of its kind, crashes were examined on more than 500 streets over 22 years in London, both before and after contraflow cycling was introduced, and it was found that it did not increase cyclist crash or casualty rates.

Career - Sport - 11.11.2022
Study highlights open goal of using sport to tackle youth unemployment
Study highlights open goal of using sport to tackle youth unemployment
New research shows how targeted sport for employability programmes in under-served communities are playing a key role in the face of the cost-of-living crisis.

Health - Sport - 26.10.2022
Cycle-to-work project gets more office staff on their bikes
A ground-breaking project, developed to increase cycling to work amongst office staff, resulted in participants spending 150 minutes less time per week using their car, according to new published research. The details of the Cycle Nation Project (CNP) - led by the University of Glasgow in collaboration with British Cycling and HSBC UK and published today in Frontiers in Sports and Active Living - demonstrates a successful workplace-based intervention to increase bike use among office staff, with workers cycling three times more per week on average.

Sport - Politics - 21.10.2022
Analysis: Why Ireland’s women footballers are under fire for singing after their historic win
After qualifying for the world cup, the Irish Women's football team sparked controversy for singing a supposedly pro-IRA song.

Health - Sport - 30.09.2022
Team up with Royal United Hospital to tackle heart disease
Team up with Royal United Hospital to tackle heart disease
A collaborative project led by the RUH is spearing a new innovative lifestyle intervention Super Rehab to save lives and reduce hospital procedures. A pioneering new approach to tackle heart disease using a pre-emptive, lifestyle, and behaviour change programme is being trialled by a research team from the Royal United Hospital (RUH) Bath NHS Foundation Trust with academics at the University of Bath.

Environment - Sport - 25.08.2022
World’s first green football club is moving the goal posts of what is expected from sporting institutions
A League One football club is having a local and global impact on sustainability, research from Cardiff University concludes.

Sport - 19.08.2022
Meet the researchers hoping to give you a taste for exercise - with Tai chi snacking
Meet the researchers hoping to give you a taste for exercise - with Tai chi snacking
Health researchers at Bath need volunteers aged over 65 to take part in a new Tai chi exercise study. University of Bath researchers want people aged 65 and over to come forward to take part in a new study exploring how home-based -exercise snacking- could help us improve physical function, and maintain balance and muscle strength as we age.

Veterinary - Sport - 25.07.2022
AWSE success at Post graduate research day
AWSE success at Post graduate research day
On the 8th of June 2022, RVC held it's annual post graduate research day at our Hawkshead Campus. Post graduates across the college showed off the hard work they are putting into their varying projects with impacts statements, presentations and posters. Our Animal Welfare Science and Ethics students represented the group fantastically, bringing home some awards too, listed below.

Sport - 12.07.2022

Sport - Health - 10.03.2022

Sport - 26.01.2022
Further participants requested for study on what makes ’brain training’ successful?
As part of her PhD study (supervised by Dr Gorana Pobric, Dr Laura Brown and Dr Jason Taylor), Samantha Booth is looking for individuals to take part in a study investigating the determinants of 'brain training' success.

Sport - Research Management - 10.11.2021
PFA Scotland is backing research into the causes of dementia in football players
PFA Scotland is backing a research programme into the causes of dementia in football players.

Sport - 06.10.2021

Sport - 02.09.2021
Tactile holograms are a touch of future tech
A piece of science fiction technology could be one step closer to reality with a new development in haptic holograms. The idea of haptic, or touchable, holograms is familiar to millions from its appearance in sci-fi favourites like Star Trek's holodeck, where characters can interact with solid-seeming computer simulations of people, objects and places.

Sport - Life Sciences - 21.07.2021
Professional rugby may be associated with changes in brain structure
Professional rugby may be associated with changes in brain structure
Participation in elite adult rugby may be associated with changes in the brain's structure, finds new research co-led by UCL scientists.

Psychology - Sport - 20.07.2021
Knowledge Exchange Insights: Emotional Intelligence for Teamwork
Highlights from the third session of the Knowledge Exchange training series , facilitated by Yvonne McLean, as part of the ESRC Collaboration Labs Programme, The University of Manchester.

Sport - Health - 28.06.2021
Scientists launch trial to test whether brain training could help people lose weight
Researchers at Cardiff University have launched a new app called "Restrain" to test whether it is possible to lose weight through a type of brain training involving simple games. The team from the University's Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC) are calling for volunteers to take part in the trial, which will be the largest study of its kind.

Sport - 23.06.2021
PhD students to contribute to future Rangers FC success
Four doctoral students at the University of Birmingham are working alongside the research team at Rangers Football Club , designing projects to enhance training and technical skills development at the club. It's the first time the Glasgow-based club has supported PhD research in this way. The aim is to not only gain some valuable insights into how to enhance the future performance of the team, but also to invest in skills and expertise that will make an enduring, valuable contribution to the game.

Sport - 21.06.2021
Guidelines for sport and health organisations will maintain positive social media use post-pandemic
Sport, physical activity and health organisations should keep using social media to deliver exercise and cooking classes and information on staying healthy even after pandemic restrictions have eased, according to new guidelines published by experts at the University of Birmingham.
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