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Computer Science - Health - 25.09.2020
Blockchain contact tracing app aims to win public trust to tackle COVID-19
A new form of digital contact tracing which uses unbreakable encryption to secure personal data could help win the level of public engagement required to fight the spread of COVID-19, scientists say.

Health - 24.09.2020
Analysis: How US disease control shaped colonial power politics in the Caribbean
Dr Alex Goodall (UCL History) looks at how Covid-19 could change the global balance of power, and historical examples of diseases impacting on geopolitics in the USA.

Health - Campus - 24.09.2020

Social Sciences - 24.09.2020
Pilot scheme to help children affected by trauma a success, says report
An innovative scheme piloted by Barnado's Cymru could form the basis of improved support for children affected by trauma, a report from Cardiff University says.

Health - 23.09.2020
Oxford’s OpenABM-Covid19 mathematical model helps to control the coronavirus epidemic
A team of mathematical modellers and epidemiologists at Oxford University's Nuffield Department of Medicine release the latest model of a population responding to the coronavirus epidemic.

Astronomy / Space Science - Research Management - 23.09.2020

Health - 23.09.2020
Researcher named to Time 100 list of world’s most influential people
Professor Ravi Gupta has been named today as one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People of the Year , in recognition of his work to bring about the second-ever cure of a patient with HIV.

Health - 22.09.2020
Operation Moonshot proposals are scientifically unsound, experts argue
Proposals made by the government as part of Operation Moonshot could do more harm than good, a group of UK experts have argued in a new article published today (22 September 2020) by the BMJ. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) swab testing is a useful method of detecting SARS-CoV-2 virus in symptomatic patients but it is not without its limitations.

Law - 22.09.2020
Opinion: Ginsburg’s death highlights unhealthy centrality of US Supreme Court
With so much power at stake, it's no surprise the US Supreme court has become increasingly politicised, argues Professor Ronan McCrea (UCL Laws).

Environment - 22.09.2020
Intensive monoculture is putting water systems in peril
The global spread of vast forest plantations and agricultural monocultures are turning once diverse landscapes into areas of land supporting single plant species, with profound implications for our terrestrial water cycle, according to new research. A new paper published in Nature Geoscience , and written by a global collaboration of interdisciplinary researchers studying ecohydrological systems, calls for policymakers and practitioners to consider these water-vegetation interactions in their land management decisions.

Environment - 22.09.2020
Opinion: The world is designed for men - but smart energy systems don’t have to be
Many aspects of the world are designed with male needs in mind, but this doesn't have to be the case for emerging smart energy systems, argues Dr Charlotte Johnson (UCL Bartlett School of Environment, Energy & Resources).

Transport - Mechanical Engineering - 21.09.2020
Whittle Lab research key for accelerating the development of zero-carbon flight, says Prince of Wales
Whittle Lab research key for accelerating the development of zero-carbon flight, says Prince of Wales
Yesterday HRH The Prince of Wales gave the opening address to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Turbo Expo conference, the largest annual conference on the subject of flight and land-based

Life Sciences - Pharmacology - 21.09.2020
Discovery of a druggable pocket in the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein could stop virus in its tracks
Discovery of a druggable pocket in the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein could stop virus in its tracks
Professor Imre Berger University of Bristol Professor Christiane Schaffitzel University of Bristol 3D structure image of SARS CoV-2 Spike protein University of Bristol 21 September 2020 A druggable pocket in the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein that could be used to stop the virus from infecting human cells has been discovered by an international team of scientists led by the University of Bristol.

Career - 21.09.2020
Lockdown could have lasting effect on survivors of sexual violence and the services that support them, experts argue
Experts argue that lack of visibility made these types of violence invisible at a time when offences were likely increasing, making it harder for individuals to identify the most appropriate forms of support service.

Environment - Economics / Business - 18.09.2020
Analysis: It’s time to get real on nuclear
Professor Paul Dorfman (UCL Energy Institute) argues the market is clear that new large nuclear plants are a thing of the past.

Earth Sciences - 18.09.2020
Olympic costs are comparable to ’deep disasters’ like pandemics, earthquakes, tsunamis and war
New University of Oxford research reveals the causes of the consistently spiralling cost overruns associated with the Olympic Games and proposes that cities avoid hosting them altogether.

Campus - Career - 18.09.2020

Health - 18.09.2020

Health - Social Sciences - 17.09.2020
Call to improve care for dying people in Scottish hospitals
Marie Curie and the University of Glasgow are calling for action to improve the care and experience of dying people in hospitals.

Health - 17.09.2020
Improving immunity through exercise - new advice for healthcare professionals
New advice to help healthcare professionals promote exercise as a way of improving immunity has been launched by a team of medical experts and exercise scientists.

Environment - 17.09.2020
Mapping our wasted heat
Have you ever thought about all the wasted heat that's released into our atmosphere from large factories and power stations?

Campus - Environment - 17.09.2020

Physics - Materials Science - 17.09.2020
CSC develops sensors for micro-defects
Sensors which detect micro-defects in materials are being developed by the Compound Semiconductor Centre - Cardiff University's joint venture with IQE.

Economics / Business - 17.09.2020
Opinion: Will the UK really join the CPTPP free-trade bloc in Asia-Pacific?
Dr Michael Plouffe (UCL Political Science) comments on Japan's 'muted' response to the new trade agreement with the UK, and stresses that more attention should be paid to the implications of trade agreements and the sectors they impact, especially in light of the pandemic.

Health - Campus - 16.09.2020
UCL to offer Covid-19 testing for staff and students
UCL has today announced plans to introduce up to 1,000 Covid-19 tests a day for staff and students who experience coronavirus symptoms.

Campus - 16.09.2020
Students will be allowed to self-certify for extenuating circumstances of up to 14 days for 2020-21
If your coursework or assessments are disrupted in 2020-21 by serious events like illness, bereavement or self-isolation, you can apply for 'Extenuating Circumstances' and self-certify for up to 14 days.

Health - Life Sciences - 16.09.2020
Parkinson’s disease research at UCL gets 19m boost
Parkinson's disease researchers at UCL are launching three new studies to understand causes and progression of the disease, with the aim of finding new approaches to treatment.

Health - Pharmacology - 16.09.2020
New 4m study to advance our understanding of severe coronavirus infection
The University of Liverpool is leading a major new international project to improve our understanding of severe coronavirus infection in humans, together with collaborators from the University of Oxford, Public Health England, the University of Bristol; A*STAR in Singapore; and King Fahd Medical City in Saudi Arabia.

Health - Campus - 16.09.2020
More than half of Year 12 students report poor mental wellbeing since lockdown
A school-based survey of students in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire examined over 200 key factors in the lives and expectations of young people, aged 8-18 years, helping to shed light on mental health during lockdown.
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