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Social Sciences - Health - 23.11.2020

Campus - 23.11.2020
Message for students thinking of travelling over the winter break
Message from Professor Anthony Smith and Yasmeen Daoud, Welfare and International Officer, Students' Union UCL Dear Students, We are writing to you to support your travel planning for the winter break.

Economics / Business - 20.11.2020
Small engines of growth: New research finds over 700 small communities of creative businesses across the UK
While creative business communities are typically thought to only exist in the UK's bustling urban centres, such as London or Manchester, new research led by Dr Josh Siepel from the University of Sussex Business School has found 709 different ‘microclusters' across the UK.

Research Management - Astronomy / Space Science - 20.11.2020
Researchers named among best in world
Researchers named among best in world
Durham researchers named among best in world Four of our professors have been named among the world's best for the quality and influence of their work, highlighting the global strength of Durham's research.

Physics - 20.11.2020
Enhancing battery performance with quantum sensors
A new project aimed at harnessing quantum technology to enhance vehicle battery performance has been awarded Partnership Resource Funding by the University of Birmingham-led UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing.

Health - 20.11.2020
Creating knowledge across disciplinary boundaries
From the study of silkworms to understanding gravity waves to designing human knee implants, collaborating across different disciplines in research is a common way of working for academics.

Computer Science - Environment - 19.11.2020
Spotlight on... Professor Kai H. Luo
This week we meet Professor Kai H. Luo, Chair of Energy Systems in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Career - 19.11.2020
Managers are much more positive about flexible working and staff working from home since the pandemic - says new study
Managers are much more positive about their staff working from home and working flexibly since lockdown says a new study undertaken jointly by the Equal Parenting Project at the University of Birmingham and the Work Autonomy, Flexibility and Work-Life Balance at the University of Kent.

Health - Pharmacology - 19.11.2020
Bristol secures £45M to advance gene therapy treatment of chronic kidney diseases
The University of Bristol has secured a £45million deal to advance its groundbreaking gene therapy technology for chronic kidney diseases.

Health - Materials Science - 19.11.2020
Anti-COVID-19 nasal spray ’ready for use in humans’
A nasal spray that can provide effective protection against the COVID-19 virus has been developed by researchers at the University of Birmingham, using materials already cleared for use in humans.

Sport - Campus - 18.11.2020

Environment - Social Sciences - 18.11.2020
Opinion: How museums could inspire radical action on the climate crisis
The emergence of the public museum cannot be disentangled from painful histories of colonial subjugation and exploitation.

Pharmacology - Health - 18.11.2020
New clinical trial launched for early treatment of COVID-19
A potential treatment for COVID-19, which has shown early promise in China and Japan, will be trialled in NHSGGC in colloboration with the University of Glasgow.

Campus - Architecture - 18.11.2020
Can one iconic UCL building really say so much about who we are?
PhD candidate Annamaria Dall'Anese shares how the Introductory Programme prompted her to think about what our academic spaces say about UCL's past, and how we can shape their future.

Computer Science - Physics - 18.11.2020
New £4m high performance computing facility to be established at University of Birmingham
The University of Birmingham has today announced that it has been awarded £4m for a major project to develop a computing system aimed at helping researchers to speed up the scientific discovery process and provide new insights into important research questions.

Social Sciences - 18.11.2020

Research Management - Environment - 18.11.2020

Health - 17.11.2020
Campaign launched to help older people leave hospital when ready
A new campaign to support older people with frailty admitted to hospital in an emergency has launched today.

Physics - Innovation - 17.11.2020

Criminology / Forensics - 17.11.2020
Ethnic minorities at much higher risk of homicide in England and Wales
Ethnic minorities at much higher risk of homicide in England and Wales
Calculations now familiar from coronavirus coverage - cases per 100,000 people - applied to ethnicity and homicide victimisation in the UK for the first time.  We need more data analysis of this nature to inform police resource allocation, and promote a more fact-informed dialogue with communities across the country Lawrence Sherman New research analysing racial disparities among murder victims across most of Britain over the last two decades shows that people of Asian ethnicity are on average twice as likely as White British people to be killed.

Life Sciences - Linguistics / Literature - 17.11.2020

Social Sciences - Law - 16.11.2020
Opinion: It’s time to end the tyranny of coupledom
The couple norm has proved tenacious in the face of enormous social changes. But increasingly, people are challenging it, argues Professor Sasha Roseneil (Dean of UCL Social & Historical Sciences).

Health - Economics / Business - 16.11.2020

Pedagogy - Psychology - 16.11.2020
Return to school sees improvement in children’s mental health
Mental health difficulties in children increased during the first national lockdown (between March and June 2020), but have decreased since.  The latest report from the Co-SPACE study highlights that for participating primary school aged children: Over the course of the first national lockdown (March - June 2020), behavioural and restless/attentional difficulties increased, while most children were not attending school.

Health - 16.11.2020
A study of the lives of people with learning disabilities through the pandemic
There is a new team of university researchers working in the UK. Researchers ask people questions to find out new information.

Health - Social Sciences - 16.11.2020
UCL to host COVID-19 testing centre 
UCL's Ramsay Hall will become a COVID-19 testing centre from today, as part of a partnership between the London Borough of Camden and the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

Life Sciences - Health - 16.11.2020
Cambridge-led SARS-CoV-2 genomic surveillance consortium receives £12.2 million
Cambridge-led SARS-CoV-2 genomic surveillance consortium receives £12.2 million
The COVID-19 Genomics UK (COG-UK) Consortium has been backed by the Department for Health and Social Care Testing Innovation Fund to expand whole genome sequencing of positive SARS-CoV-2 virus samples to map how COVID-19 spreads and evolves.

Astronomy / Space Science - 13.11.2020
Universe unravelled: Stephen Hawking Centre collaborates on new streaming series
Universe unravelled: Stephen Hawking Centre collaborates on new streaming series
The Stephen Hawking Centre for Theoretical Cosmology has teamed up with Discovery on a documentary series exploring new windows on our Universe. We are grateful for this unique opportunity to continue Stephen Hawking's vision of reaching out, especially to younger audiences, to inspire curiosity about our Universe and the huge progress currently being made to unveil its secrets Paul Shellard The Universe Unravelled series premieres on Discovery+ in November 2020, coinciding with the UK launch of this new digital platform.

Campus - Social Sciences - 13.11.2020

Computer Science - 13.11.2020
VoltPillager: the $30 next-generation of undervolting attacks against Intel SGX
Researchers at the University of Birmingham have managed to break SGX, a set of security functions used by Intel processors, by creating a $30 device to control CPU voltage.

Social Sciences - Campus - 13.11.2020

Physics - Computer Science - 13.11.2020
Cardiff joins £6.1m programme to transform silicon chips
Researchers from Cardiff University have started work on a £6.1m UKRI-EPSRC programme to transform the way data is sensed, transferred between and processed on silicon chips.

Astronomy / Space Science - Physics - 12.11.2020
The European Space Agency formally adopts Ariel, the exoplanet explorer
The European Space Agency formally adopts Ariel, the exoplanet explorer
The European Space Agency (ESA) have formally adopted Ariel, the first mission dedicated to study the nature, formation and evolution of exoplanets.  Professor Neil Bowles , from the Department of Physics , said: 'The team in Oxford have been involved with the Ariel mission since it was originally proposed in 2014 and it's fantastic to see it progress to mission adoption.
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