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Pedagogy - Mathematics - 27.05.2022
Top-rated educational maths apps may not be best for children's learning
Top-rated educational maths apps may not be best for children’s learning
The top 25 maths apps for children under five-years-old do not reflect best practices on how children learn and develop their early mathematical skills, according to a new report from IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society.

Mathematics - Life Sciences - 26.04.2022
Cambridge academics win European Research Council Advanced Grants
Nine Cambridge academics have won Advanced Grants awarded by the European Research Council (ERC). This is the greatest number of grants won by a UK institution in the 2021 round of funding.

Mathematics - History / Archeology - 10.01.2022
One in 16 million win is the most improbable FA Cup third round shock in 50 years
One in 16 million win is the most improbable FA Cup third round shock in 50 years
Mathematicians from the Institute for Mathematical Innovation have calculated the overall probability of lower league teams reaching the 3rd round of the FA Cup Ahead of the third round of this seaso

Campus - Mathematics - 15.10.2021
Metal forming to be cleaner and greener thanks to UKRI fellowship
Dr Ed Brambley at the University of Warwick has been awarded a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship to investigate how mathematics might make metal forming cleaner and greener There is an industrial need f

Environment - Mathematics - 10.09.2021
How to predict climate change from the comfort of your home
How to predict climate change from the comfort of your home
The causes of climate change can be demoed using a cheap home or school computer, thanks to a Python program developed by a team at the University of Bath.

Health - Mathematics - 05.08.2021
Opinion: Embracing uncertainty is the only path out of the pandemic
Sajid Javid's statement that no one will really know how many Covid cases there are over summer is more scientific than any epidemiological model, says Visiting Professor Paul Ormerod (UCL Computer Science).

Computer Science - Mathematics - 26.05.2021
Transforming our understanding of deep learning
Transforming our understanding of deep learning
3.5M programme will combine theory, modelling, data and computation to improve our understanding of deep learning, making it more accountable and transparent.

Mathematics - 20.05.2021
Opinion: Is there a happiness equation? Here’s how we’re trying to find out
Happiness is different for everyone in ways that scientists don't yet understand, but smartphone app The Happiness Project is helping to build a better picture of what makes us happy, says Honorary Associate Professor Robb Rutledge (UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology). Most people would like to be happier.

Mathematics - 19.01.2021
Having your Christmas cake and eating it (fairly)
Spread joy this festive season by dividing your Christmas cake into equal slices and keeping it moist between servings.

Mathematics - 18.12.2020
Having your Christmas cake and eating it (fairly)
Spread joy this festive season by dividing your Christmas cake into equal slices and keeping it moist between servings.

Career - Mathematics - 09.12.2020
Major European grants for four UofG researchers
Four researchers from the University of Glasgow have received frontier research funding grants from the European Research Council.

Mathematics - Pedagogy - 08.12.2020
Pupils in England improving in maths but falling behind in science
Mathematics performance has significantly improved for year 5 pupils in England since 2015 but in year 9 science results have significantly declined, report UCL researchers who have analysed England's performance in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study. The 2019 National Report for England, written by researchers from the UCL Institute of Education, was funded by the Department for Education.

Mathematics - 30.07.2020
Bristol working with the Office for National Statistics to aid local UN Sustainable Development Goal data reporting across the UK
The ONS is one of the leading data institutes globally in the reporting of SDG data, with headline data for 78 per cent of the SDG indicators.

Health - Mathematics - 24.07.2020
New 2.6m centre seeks to improve care for critically ill
Scientists at a new UCL centre will use tools such as machine learning to analyse intensive care data from two London hospitals to find clues that will improve the care of critically ill adults and babies.

Health - Mathematics - 16.07.2020
Mathematicians warn of risk of complacency over herd immunity levels needed to halt Covid-19 pandemic
Optimistic predictions that 'herd immunity' could be reached with fewer than 40 percent of the population infected or vaccinated should not be relied upon With no vaccine and the disease still preval

Life Sciences - Mathematics - 29.04.2020
The Royal Society announces election of new Fellows 2020
Nine Cambridge scientists are among the new Fellows announced today by the Royal Society. At this time of global crisis, the importance of scientific thinking, and the medicines, technologies and insights it delivers, has never been clearer.

Astronomy / Space Science - Mathematics - 24.04.2020

Health - Mathematics - 20.04.2020
Opinion: Why counting coronavirus deaths is not an exact science
Statisticians Professor Gianluca Baio (UCL Statistical Science) and Professor Marta Blangiardo (Imperial College London) explain why it's hard to calculate the actual number of deaths due to Covid-19 and the steps that need taking to make sense of what is happening. Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Right? Well, not quite.

Mathematics - Physics - 26.03.2020
Growing plants without soil amongst frontier projects backed by President’s fund
Three projects that push the boundaries of science have received funds from the President's Excellence Fund for Frontier Research.

Mathematics - Computer Science - 14.02.2020
Playing cupid
Especially for Valentine's Day, Game Theory expert Dr Nicos Georgiou looks into the mathematics of dating.

Mathematics - Social Sciences - 13.02.2020
Women in STEM: Dr Natasha Morrison
Dr Natasha Morrison is a Research Fellow in mathematics at Sidney Sussex College and a member of the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics.

Mathematics - 15.01.2020
Maths that feels good - creating learning resources for blind students
An international team of researchers has developed a method for easily creating textbooks in Braille, with an initial focus on maths textbooks.

Health - Mathematics - 28.12.2019
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