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Economics / Business - Innovation - 09.06.2021

Innovation - 07.06.2021
Study Centre benefits from major grant in new technology
University of Glasgow's Kelvin Hall Study Centre benefits from major grant in new technology Researchers at University of Glasgow have benefitted from a major grant from the Arts and Humanities Resea

Economics / Business - Innovation - 27.05.2021

Economics / Business - Innovation - 27.05.2021

Health - Innovation - 26.05.2021
Why data proved key to how Scottish Councils managed, and now move out of, the Covid-19 crisis
Why data proved key to how Scottish Councils managed, and now move out of, the Covid-19 crisis
Research by academics at the University of Glasgow has shown how data sharing has been critical to how Scottish local government managed the rapid response to the COVID-19 crisis in the last 12 months.

Innovation - Health - 24.05.2021
Opinion: University spinouts - the system isn’t broken
Dr Anne Lane, Managing Director of UCL Business, refutes claims that the way European universities commercialise their research stymies innovation and holds back entrepreneurs It has been suggested r

Innovation - Economics / Business - 11.05.2021

Environment - Innovation - 11.05.2021
Funding awarded for five new innovative clean air projects
The University of Birmingham-led TRANSITION Clean Air Network today announces it is funding five new research projects aimed at improving air quality by reducing harmful transport emissions.

Innovation - Social Sciences - 10.05.2021
Smartphones have led to the ’death of proximity’
A UCL study across nine countries shows smartphones are more than devices we use, they're 'the place where we live' and swap for close contact with others. The most in depth study ever to look at how adults use smartphones reveals how we are 'homeless' when we lose them because they are where we increasingly express our personalities, interests and values.

Pedagogy - Innovation - 29.04.2021

Innovation - Health - 29.04.2021

Innovation - Economics / Business - 25.04.2021

Economics / Business - Innovation - 31.03.2021

Innovation - Computer Science - 19.03.2021
Cardiff KTP wins ’Innovation of the Year’
A next generation AI avatar assistant developed through a Cardiff University KTP has won the 'Innovation of the Year' award at the OTCToolbox Consumer Healthcare Industry (CHi) Awards 2021 .

Health - Innovation - 18.03.2021
New gene therapy innovation centre to advance scientific discoveries into life-changing treatments
The University of Birmingham will play a key role in a pioneering new gene therapy innovation centre set to advance scientific discoveries into promising treatment options for millions of patients with life-threatening diseases.

Innovation - Economics / Business - 15.03.2021

Innovation - 18.02.2021

Environment - Innovation - 01.02.2021

Innovation - Environment - 27.01.2021

Campus - Innovation - 21.01.2021

Economics / Business - Innovation - 18.12.2020
Everledger seals agreement with UofG to combat counterfeit Scotch whiskies
Everledger and the Scottish Universities Environment Research Centre (SUERC) of the University of Glasgow have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to join forces to tackle fraud within the whisky industry. The agreement will see SUERC researchers at the University of Glasgow fit intelligent Everledger anti-tamper bottle closures to rare whiskies of which they have been tasked with authenticating the provenance by leading brands, retailers, auction houses and collectors.

Innovation - Health - 18.12.2020

Economics / Business - Innovation - 17.12.2020
End of Brexit transition period marks "period of significant disruption" for Welsh economy
Businesses in some key sectors of the Welsh economy need increased support to operate beyond the Brexit transition period, academics at Cardiff University say.

Innovation - Life Sciences - 09.12.2020
Scottish start-up wins contract to support Silicon Valley alternative protein trials
SalmoSim, a University of Glasgow salmon simulator start-up, has secured its first commercial contract with California-based Calysta, supporting trials for a sustainable alternative protein source that could be rolled-out across the global aquaculture industry.

Innovation - Environment - 08.12.2020
Energy storage experts launch research and innovation roadmap for future technology deployment
The role of energy storage and the part it will play in helping the UK reach its net-zero targets on carbon emissions by 2050 has been set out in a roadmap drawn up by researchers at the University of Birmingham, drawing on expert knowledge from across the energy sector.

Innovation - Career - 24.11.2020

Career - Innovation - 24.11.2020
’Rapid science’ makes custom-fitted facemasks for NHS workers
A company working with experts from the University of Birmingham and King's College London has been awarded funding by Innovate UK to produce custom-fitted, reusable, medical grade facemasks that will fit all people regardless of age, sex or ethnicity.

Physics - Innovation - 17.11.2020
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