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Mechanical Engineering - Transport - 12.10.2021
Joint European effort boosts automated driving
L3Pilot, Europe's first comprehensive pilot test of automated driving on public roads demonstrates automated systems for cars in Hamburg, Germany, in conjunction with ITS World Congress 2021 SAE Level 3 and 4 automated driving systems have been tested on ordinary roads in seven European countries, including cross-border activities, thanks to pan-European testing environments and methodologies that have been developed with help from WMG, Universi

Computer Science - Transport - 14.09.2021
Real-time drone intent monitoring could enable safer use of drones and prevent a repeat of 2018 Gatwick incident
Real-time drone intent monitoring could enable safer use of drones and prevent a repeat of 2018 Gatwick incident
Researchers have developed a real-time approach that can help prevent incidents like the large-scale disruption at London's Gatwick Airport in 2018, where possible drone sightings at the perimeter of the airport caused the cancellation of hundreds of flights.

Transport - 18.06.2021
Meringue-like material could make aircraft as quiet as a hairdryer
Meringue-like material could make aircraft as quiet as a hairdryer
Extremely low-density graphene-based aerogel 'meringue' can improve passenger comfort and reduce noise up to 80% Last updated on Friday 18 June 2021 An incredibly light new material that can reduce aircraft engine noise and improve passenger comfort has been developed at the University of Bath.

Transport - Economics / Business - 10.02.2021

Transport - Environment - 18.01.2021

Career - Transport - 09.12.2020
Injury risk significantly higher when driving for work
A third of road deaths and a fifth of serious injuries are sustained in accidents involving a working driver or rider, according to research by UCL.

Transport - Environment - 10.11.2020
On the road to a cleaner, greener Glastonbury Festival
Scientists from Cardiff University are teaming up with Electrogenic and Glastonbury Festival to help electrify Land Rover vehicles used across Worthy Farm.

Transport - 25.10.2020
Motorists’ smartphones may help highways bosses keep roads safe
Motorists with smartphones could help highway chiefs maintain road quality by sending 'crowdsourced' data from their mobiles that would allow engineers to assess when carriageway repairs are needed, according to a new study. Road roughness is an important measure of condition and ride quality, but many agencies around the world with large road networks lack the resources to regularly check the state of their highways and make informed maintenance decisions.

Transport - Mechanical Engineering - 21.09.2020
Whittle Lab research key for accelerating the development of zero-carbon flight, says Prince of Wales
Yesterday HRH The Prince of Wales gave the opening address to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Turbo Expo conference, the largest annual conference on the subject of flight and land-based

Computer Science - Transport - 19.08.2020
Engineers set new world record internet speed
The world's fastest data transmission rate has been achieved by a team of UCL engineers who reached an internet speed a fifth faster than the previous record.

Economics / Business - Transport - 13.07.2020
Academic knowhow for predictive maintenance
An industry-academia partnership has helped ease the secure transfer of passenger baggage between aircraft and terminals at Heathrow Airport.

Transport - 02.07.2020
University of Sussex joins new 17m project to improve user experience at EV charging points
University of Sussex joins new £17m project to improve user experience at EV charging points The University of Sussex is part of a newly launched 17 million research project, eCharge4Drivers, designed to improve charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs).

Environment - Transport - 25.06.2020
Opinion: Five ways to kickstart a green recovery
As a worldwide recession is expected to follow in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Professor Raimund Bleischwitz (UCL Bartlett School of Environment, Energy & Resources) discusses five ways for the UK to implement a green recovery plan to benefit its people and the planet.

Transport - 04.06.2020
Opinion: Transition from lockdown is changing. Here are two outcomes for future travel
Transport researcher Nicole Badstuber (UCL Science & Technology Studies) co-authors a comment with Enrica Papa (University of Westminster) on alternative methods of travel post-lockdown.

Transport - 03.06.2020
Opinion: Transition from lockdown is changing travel - here are two possible outcomes for the future
Transport researcher Nicole Badstuber (UCL Science & Technology Studies) co-authors a comment with Enrica Papa (University of Westminster) on alternative methods of travel post-lockdown.

Transport - Social Sciences - 25.03.2020
Women 10% more likely than men to report feeling unsafe on city public transport
A worldwide study of 327,403 metro and bus passengers found that women are ten per cent more likely to feel unsafe than men on urban public transport.

Transport - Innovation - 30.01.2020
US Department of Transport discusses electric vehicles, smart cities at Imperial
The US Department of Transport's Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology, Diana Furchtgott-Roth visited the College last week.

Transport - 28.01.2020

Transport - 30.10.2019

Environment - Transport - 15.10.2019
Households could make big emissions reductions with the right Government support
An independent report for the UK Committee on Climate Change by an Imperial expert recommends policies that will help people make greener choices. The Government is legally committed to reaching a 'net zero' UK economy by 2050. Net zero is when a region (such as a city or country) balances the carbon they emit with the carbon they remove.

Transport - Innovation - 13.06.2019
Cardiff camera sees through sides of trucks
A heat-sensing camera developed by astrophysicists at Cardiff University is being used to spot people and animals in the back of moving trucks and lorries. The technology, which is being brought to market by Sequestim Ltd, works by using extremely accurate sensors - originally designed to map distant stars - to detect minute changes in radiation and heat.

Innovation - Transport - 13.05.2019
Ground-breaking driverless car project showcases vision for a connected transport future
The multi-organisational team behind the 5.5 million FLOURISH connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) project is today [Monday 13 May] celebrating the completion of three years of collaborative research and development with the launch of its latest findings.

Transport - 12.03.2019
Driverless car project researches advances in vehicle connectivity
The 5.5m FLOURISH driverless car project has successfully completed the latest phase of its investigations into the requirements of the cyber-physical infrastructure of the future.

Transport - Innovation - 04.02.2019
Birmingham experts develop gas turbine tech boost to electric vehicles’ range
Electric vehicles that travel a complete journey on each charge - making them more appealing to drivers - have moved a step closer, thanks to an innovative gas turbine engine being developed by experts in Britain and China. University of Birmingham scientists have received a 554,000 grant from Innovate UK to work with partners in China to develop the turbo range extender which charges vehicles on the run and resolves the range concerns associated with electric vehicles.

Transport - 24.01.2019

Transport - Innovation - 04.12.2018
11.15m grant secured to pilot driverless taxis in London
The University of Nottingham is part of a major new government-backed initiative to trial self-driving taxis around parts of London.

Economics / Business - Transport - 10.10.2018
Location, location, location: researchers develop model to predict retail failure | University of Cambridge
Researchers have used a combination of location and transport data to predict the likelihood that a given retail business will succeed or fail. One of the most important questions for any new business is the amount of demand it will receive. Krittika D'Silva from ten different cities around the world, the researchers, led by the University of Cambridge, have developed a model that can predict with 80% accuracy whether a new business will fail within six months.

Innovation - Transport - 21.08.2018
Making roads safer in an age of self-driving vehicles and smart cities
A 1.7m project, funded by Innovate UK, has developed smart technologies to help driverless vehicles connect and communicate with each other and their surroundings to reduce collisions and traffic jams. The two-year i-Motors* project - partnered by innovative digital technology firm, Control F1 (now part of the Intercept IP Group) and the University of Nottingham - produced a mobile platform for data transfer and storage by vehicles from different manufacturers.

Transport - Administration - 20.08.2018
Gig economy drivers and riders at heightened risk of traffic collisions
The pressures that come with being a self-employed courier or taxi driver may significantly increase the risk of being involved in a collision, a new report by UCL finds. The majority of those surveyed - 63 per cent - are not provided with safety training on managing risks on the road. Sixty-five per cent said that they are not given any safety equipment such as a high visibility vest and over 70 per cent resort to providing their own.

Transport - 15.05.2018
Lighter, stronger aeroplanes thanks to new hybrid thermoplastic composites
Aviation is set to reach new heights thanks to a novel plastic which is tougher, weighs less and is cheaper to construct, developed by the University of Bath.

Economics / Business - Transport - 23.04.2018