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Religions - Campus - 15.06.2021

Religions - 27.05.2021
Opinion: How urban planning plays a role in Israel-Palestine
Professor Haim Yacobi (UCL Bartlett Development Planning Unit) co-authors an article on the effect that urban planning has in Israel-Palestine, saying that even supposedly neutral urban trends such as privatisation and gentrification can be co-opted to divide areas.

Religions - Environment - 27.04.2021
Durham to support Church of England in ambitious decarbonisation plan
The Church of England will be supported in their ambitious aim of achieving net-zero carbon by 2030 through a new partnership with Durham Energy Institute (DEI).

Religions - Pedagogy - 14.12.2020

Pedagogy - Religions - 07.10.2020
Durham theologian supports launch of Pope Francis’ new teachings
One of our leading theologians has spoken alongside Pope Francis at the global launch of his new Papal Encyclical - one of the Pope's highest forms of communication.

Religions - 07.09.2020
Manuscript leaf from thirteenth century ‘Glastonbury Bible’ returns to the South West
A precious manuscript leaf from a thirteenth-century Latin Bible that almost certainly originated from Glastonbury Abbey has been acquired by the University of Bristol Library's Special Collections.

Religions - Social Sciences - 13.08.2020

Religions - Event - 11.05.2020

Religions - 12.03.2020

Religions - 04.02.2020
Elders in Rwanda need leaders’ support to face old age - study
Rwanda's Government should investigate how leaders can honour and support older people who - despite making a valuable contribution to society across their lifetimes - face intense poverty in old age due to lack of water, food and health care, according to a new report.

Religions - Social Sciences - 22.11.2019
UCL announces action against racism, antisemitism and Islamophobia
As part of its commitment to drive race equality and tackle discrimination, UCL has agreed three key actions that will support its work to raise awareness and understanding of different forms of racism.

Religions - Social Sciences - 23.07.2019

Religions - 28.06.2019
Prophet and Loss: How the local strength of faith can impact a company’s ethical behaviour
Companies are less likely to engage in unethical accounting practices when their headquarters are in areas of high religious observance, new research by academics at the universities of Sussex and East London has revealed.

Religions - 18.03.2019
How religious reformers justified, but ultimately overthrew, the ‘empire of hell’ of penal colonies
A fascinating new book which explores, for the first time, how religion was used to justify the creation of penal colonies, attempt reforms and ultimately overthrow the transportation of British and Irish prisoners is published next month.

History / Archeology - Religions - 15.02.2019

Religions - 07.02.2019
Mother Teresa’s dark night of the soul determined all her decisions claims Birmingham study
New research carried out by the University of Birmingham's Gėzim Alpion concludes that Mother Teresa's dark night of the soul was triggered by childhood and that she had gnawing doubts about the existence of God to the end of her life.

Religions - Event - 22.01.2019

Religions - Event - 17.12.2018
Third-world workers’ rights protected by EU procurement law - study
The University of Birmingham's Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion will be co-hosting the biennial World Muslim Leadership Forum (WMLF) on the 6-7 th December at the Palace of Westminster and Lambeth Palace.

Religions - Philosophy - 11.10.2018
Exploring the rise of religious violence in society
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, left, and the Rev'd Canon Professor Richard Burridge, right, at the book launch of their new book, 'Confronting Religious Violence'.

Social Sciences - Religions - 01.10.2018

Religions - Social Sciences - 14.09.2018
Former Secretary of State for International Development named honorary professor
Research led by a senior academic from the University of Birmingham has found that the media and popular culture frequently depict Orthodox Jewish women as powerless, silent individuals who are at best naive to live a religious lifestyle, and at worst coerced into it.

Social Sciences - Religions - 15.08.2018
Muslims leaving prison talk about the layers of their lives
The Lammy Review in 2017 drew attention to inequalities among black, Asian and minority ethnic people in the criminal justice system.

Law - Religions - 10.08.2018
Boris comments legitimises Islamophobic sentiment says "burqa ban" challenge legal advisor
An expert in international human rights at the University of Sussex has criticised former foreign secretary Boris Johnson claiming his comments on women who wear burqas "legitimise Islamophobic sentiment".

Politics - Religions - 25.06.2018

Religions - History / Archeology - 20.06.2018

Religions - History / Archeology - 20.06.2018

History / Archeology - Religions - 18.05.2018
Seventeenth Century Scottish soldiers reburied in Durham
The remains of Seventeenth Century Scottish soldiers, discovered during construction work at the University's Palace Green Library in 2013, have been reburied in Durham City.

Social Sciences - Religions - 08.05.2018
"Misleading Fantasy" that Scotland has no problem with racism
The belief that Scotland is immune to racism and 'culturally different' to England is a 'misleading fantasy', MSPs on the Cross-Party Group on Tackling Islamophobia will be told.

Religions - 19.04.2018
From Rags to Witches - the grim tale of children's stories
Once upon a time, fairy tales were not for children - and some were even banned by the church as a threat to faith or morality.

Health - Religions - 17.04.2018

History / Archeology - Religions - 16.04.2018
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