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Health - 18.05.2023
Trial helps determine underlying causes of angina
An intensive study into the treatment of angina has found that the use of tests for small blood vessel function in the heart clarify the underlying cause of the condition. Patients referred to hospital by their General Practitioner (GP) for assessment of chest pain were invited into the study if a heart scan had ruled out blocked heart arteries.

Pedagogy - Career - 18.05.2023
UCL co-creates innovative resources platform for international school counsellors
An innovative content sharing and best practice platform that will offer advice and guidance to international school counsellors, tasked with advising the brightest global students on university and career selection, is to be co-created by UCL.

Politics - Social Sciences - 18.05.2023
With or without Erdogan, Turkey is at a political turning point
May's elections hold the key to Turkey's political future - domestically and internationally.

Health - Life Sciences - 18.05.2023

Health - Pharmacology - 17.05.2023
First experts move into new world-class cancer research facility
World-leading scientists, clinicians and operational staff are now moving into a new 150m cancer research centre at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust's site on Wilmslow Road in Withington. The building is part of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre - a highly successful partnership between 3 powerhouses of innovation, The Christie, Cancer Research UK and The University of Manchester - and will be one of the top cancer research centres in the world.

Innovation - Physics - 17.05.2023
Birmingham to become UK's first centre for rare earth magnet recycling
Birmingham to become UK’s first centre for rare earth magnet recycling
Rare earth magnets, one of the building block materials for clean growth, will be recycled at a plant at Birmingham's Tyseley Energy Park Pioneering rare earth recycling company HyProMag , which was f

Pedagogy - Environment - 17.05.2023
Accelerated Christian Education textbooks used in UK schools deny human-caused climate change
One of the world's largest fundamentalist Christian education groups is teaching its students climate change denial as fact, and still presents the theory of evolution as an 'absurd and discredited' conspiracy theory, finds a report by UCL researchers.

Environment - 16.05.2023
Consumers paid billions more for energy while providers increased revenues
Consumers paid billions more for energy while providers increased revenues
Consumers paid high energy costs while electricity generators saw enormous increases in revenues beyond their costs, finds a new report by UCL researchers that traces the revenues of the UK's electricity generation sector during the 2022 energy crisis.

Electroengineering - Environment - 12.05.2023

Life Sciences - Environment - 12.05.2023

Health - Pharmacology - 12.05.2023
Cannabinoid-based drug trial for brain tumours begins
Patients with aggressive brain tumours may be able to take part in a new trial of a cannabinoid-based drug, coordinated by the University of Birmingham.

Computer Science - 12.05.2023

Innovation - Criminology / Forensics - 12.05.2023

Life Sciences - Health - 11.05.2023
'Topping out' ceremony held for new centre of excellence for UCL Neuroscience
’Topping out’ ceremony held for new centre of excellence for UCL Neuroscience
UCL's new world-class neuroscience building has reached its highest point in construction, which was celebrated with a 'topping out' ceremony today.

Administration - 11.05.2023