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Health - 13.03.2020
Crunching the numbers for coronavirus
As the world responds to the continued spread of COVID-19, mathematical models are providing vital insights into the nature of the outbreak.

Environment - 13.03.2020
Opinion: Why is UAE about to open four nuclear reactors’
Writing in The Conversation, Dr Paul Dorfman (UCL Energy Institute) considers UAE's decision to build four nuclear reactors despite being an area where solar energy is abundant.

Life Sciences - Health - 13.03.2020
Strategic sport and tiny tail evolution: News from the College
Strategic sport and tiny tail evolution: News from the College
Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From using mathematical tools for fantasy football success, to new insight into evolution of microbe ‘tails', here is some quick-read news from across the College.

Physics - Business / Economics - 13.03.2020

Health - Pharmacology - 12.03.2020
COVID-19: UCL academics mobilise to provide critical advice and expert comment
As coronavirus spreads around the world, UCL experts are taking a prominent role in advancing public knowledge about the virus by advising world leaders, providing expert comment in the media and urgently researching new ways of tackling COVID-19.

Religions - 12.03.2020

Microtechnics - 12.03.2020
Disaster relief project DAREs to think different with drones
In disaster zones has had its first successful demonstration. The Distributed Autonomous and Resilient Emergency Management System (or DARE) project took to the skies in the University of Glasgow's Stevenson Building today (Thursday 12 March).

Computer Science / Telecom - 12.03.2020
What's on WhatsApp: Sussex professor finding meaning in big data is the latest Impacted guest
What’s on WhatsApp: Sussex professor finding meaning in big data is the latest Impacted guest
Understanding and harnessing the enormous power and impact of social media is one of the major challenges the world faces today.

Environment - 12.03.2020
Women in STEM: Dr Maria Russo
Dr Maria Russo is a Research Associate in the Department of Chemistry, where she studies the physical and chemical processes at work in the atmosphere. Here, she tells us about the links between climate and air pollution, the excitement of 'blue-skies' research, and achieving work/life balance while raising a family.

Environment - Health - 12.03.2020
New global centre of air pollution research as Frank Kelly group joins Imperial
Imperial is to become the world's leading centre for the study of air pollution, as Frank Kelly becomes the inaugural Humphrey Battcock Chair.

Health - 11.03.2020
People who cycle to work have a higher risk of injury, but the benefits offset this risk
Commuters who cycle to work are at higher risk of injury compared to those who walk to work, use a car or take public transport. The findings are released today in a study by the University of Glasgow and published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) . Overall, commuting exclusively by bicycle was associated with a 45% higher risk of injury that required a visit to hospital, and cycling commuters were also at a 3.4 fold higher risk of injury where the cause was listed as a transport accident.

Computer Science / Telecom - Pedagogy - 11.03.2020

Pedagogy - Life Sciences - 10.03.2020
Pupils’ genes cannot accurately predict educational achievement
Pupils' genetic data do not predict their educational outcomes with sufficient accuracy and shouldn't be used to design a genetically personalised curriculum or tailor teaching, according to a new University of Bristol study.

Health - History / Archeology - 09.03.2020
Global health and gender report launched
It will take over 50 years to achieve gender parity among the top leaders in global health, according to a new report co-led by UCL. The report, which released its findings on International Women's Day, is published by Global Health 50/50, an iniative based at the UCL Centre for Gender and Global Health  and  co-founded and co-directed by UCL Professor Sarah Hawkes and Dr Kent Buse,  Strategic Policy Directions, UNAIDS.  Power, Privilege and Priorities  a nalyses  the leadership breakdown of the world's top 200 global health bodies including funders, NGOs and corporate organisations.

Environment - Health - 09.03.2020
Birmingham experts join forces in global fight for clean air
Ex perts at the University of Birmingham's Institute for Global Innovation (IGI) have launched a new multi-disciplinary research theme around clean air that could help to save millions of lives around the world.

Administration - 09.03.2020

Social Sciences - 06.03.2020

Astronomy / Space Science - Innovation - 06.03.2020
Gastronauts: Developing food ready for the next space race
Gastronauts: Developing food ready for the next space race
For the new space race, astronauts and space tourists will want to eat a little better than the corn beef sandwiches, applesauce and high-calorie cubes of protein, fat and sugar consumed by NASA scientists in the 1960s.

Business / Economics - 06.03.2020
Union or Independence?
Closing Wales' fiscal gap will be a huge challenge - whatever the country's constitutional future, new research concludes.

Physics - Astronomy / Space Science - 06.03.2020
New Stephen Hawking Fellow appointed to share the wonder of science
New Stephen Hawking Fellow appointed to share the wonder of science
One of the first Stephen Hawking Fellows is joining Imperial's Department of Physics to study space weather and inspire a love of science.

Environment - 05.03.2020
New Climate Emergency Funding for Govanhill Project
The University of Glasgow has been awarded around £250,000 by the Scottish Funding Council's Climate Emergency Collaboration Challenge for a new sustainable housing project in Govanhill, announced today by Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation, Ivan McKee.

Computer Science / Telecom - Astronomy / Space Science - 05.03.2020
Women in STEM: Krittika D’Silva
Krittika D'Silva is a PhD candidate in the Department of Computer Science and Technology, a Gates Cambridge Scholar and a member of Jesus College.

Innovation - Computer Science / Telecom - 04.03.2020

Linguistics / Literature - 04.03.2020

Environment - 04.03.2020
A decade of sluggish action has left nations needing to slash emissions at twice the pace originally estimated
Experts have warned that a decade of insufficient political action on climate change has left the world with a vast gap between the current trajectory of global emissions, and where they should be heading in order to meet the goals set out in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Innovation - Environment - 04.03.2020
Bristol Digital Futures Institute selects its first fellow
Bristol Digital Futures Institute selects its first fellow
Stephen brings more than 20 years' experience in innovation and collaborative research projects to the University's newest research institute, as well expertise in developing smart, sustainable and inclusive cities.

Health - 04.03.2020
Opinion: Complacency or panic won’t protect you, but taking action could
As widespread media coverage of the coronavirus outbreak continues, Professor Helene Joffe (UCL Psychology & Language Sciences) writes for i News about how people react in times of uncertainty.

Academic Rankings - Health - 04.03.2020

Academic Rankings - Earth Sciences - 04.03.2020

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