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Law / Forensics - 01.07.2019
How unwanted sexual images are shattering lives
Imagine if you had a sexual image of yourself shared online without your consent. Sadly, this happens all too often and can be absolutely devastating for the victim.

Health - Social Sciences - 01.07.2019
Some children are more likely to suffer depression long after being bullied
Some young adults who were bullied as a child could have a greater risk of ongoing depression due to a mix of genetic and environmental factors according to a new study from the University of Bristol. Researchers wanted to find out what factors influenced depression in young adults between the ages of 10 and 24 and why some people responded differently to risk factors such as bullying, maternal postnatal depression, early childhood anxiety and domestic violence.

Innovation / Technology - Business / Economics - 28.06.2019

Physics - Innovation / Technology - 28.06.2019

Materials Science - Business / Economics - 28.06.2019

Health - Social Sciences - 28.06.2019
Preventing podo: Researchers discuss aims to eliminate devastating condition in new podcast
Gail Davey, Professor of Global Health Epidemiology at Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS), and Melanie Newport, Professor of Infectious Diseases and Global Health at BSMS, have discussed their efforts to eliminate podoconiosis (podo), the little known but devastating, neglected tropical disease, in a new podcast.

Pharmacology - Administration - 28.06.2019
Sussex Drug Discovery Centre appoints Professor Jeffrey Hill as new Director
Professor Jeffrey Hill has been appointed as the new Director of the Sussex Drug Discovery Centre ( SDDC ) within the School of Life Sciences.

Religions - 28.06.2019
Prophet and Loss: How the local strength of faith can impact a company’s ethical behaviour
Companies are less likely to engage in unethical accounting practices when their headquarters are in areas of high religious observance, new research by academics at the universities of Sussex and East London has revealed.

Psychology - 28.06.2019
This Sussex Life: Natalie Bowling, Research Fellow -
This Sussex Life: Natalie Bowling, Research Fellow - "Some people can ’inhabit’ other people’s bodies"
University of Sussex psychologist Dr Natalie Bowling will be explaining the unusual phenomenon of mirror-touch synaesthesia at The Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition in London, July 1-7.

Physics - 27.06.2019
Machine Learning helps solve a puzzle of how strongly interacting electrons behave at atomic level
A team of scientists from the Universities of Oxford, Cornell and San Jose State, collaborating across theoretical and experimental physics and computer science, have developed and trained a new Mach

Environment - Innovation / Technology - 27.06.2019

Career - 26.06.2019
Imperial celebrates International Women in Engineering Day
Imperial celebrates International Women in Engineering Day
Imperial's President Alice Gast led College-wide efforts to inspire women in engineering. Professor Gast spoke at an event for young professionals in engineering at the Institution of Engineering and Technology , organised by the Women's Engineering Society.

Computer Science / Telecom - 26.06.2019

Social Sciences - Environment - 26.06.2019
Cardiff University develops research collaborations with Somaliland
Academics from Cardiff University are visiting Somaliland to develop research collaborations on some of the country's most pressing issues.

Music - Innovation / Technology - 26.06.2019
Jamie Cullum leads world’s first 5G music lesson
Critically acclaimed musician and songwriter Jamie Cullum, led the world's first 5G music lesson from his piano at the two thousand year-old Roman Amphitheatre in London yesterday [Tuesday 25 June],

Environment - 26.06.2019
Fish hives replace lost Caribbean coral reefs
The coral reefs of our oceans are dying worldwide, but a Kickstarter campaign to create new artificial reefs from every day materials may be the answer to this unprecedented global challenge.

Politics - 26.06.2019

Health - 25.06.2019
Researchers to study impact of school children running a mile a day
Researchers to study impact of school children running a mile a day
Imperial College London has partnered with the Daily Mile Foundation to assess the impact of the primary school initiative.

Innovation / Technology - Social Sciences - 25.06.2019
FLEXIS supports leading ’green’ council
Chart-topping Neath Port Talbot Council is the best ‘green energy' local authority in Wales. Latest Welsh Government figures show the Council has the highest total renewable energy capacity and the greatest renewable energy generation across the country.

Astronomy / Space Science - 24.06.2019

Health - Pharmacology - 24.06.2019
New centre to fight drug-resistant bugs through improving use of antibiotics
A new Imperial centre will pioneer research to optimise how antimicrobial drugs are used to both improve patient care and preserve antibiotics.

Innovation / Technology - Computer Science / Telecom - 21.06.2019

Innovation / Technology - 20.06.2019
School pupils get to grips with fundamentals of technology and engineering
School pupils get to grips with fundamentals of technology and engineering
School pupils were given a hands-on experience of engineering at the University of Sussex just days before International Women in Engineering Day.

Life Sciences - Health - 19.06.2019
Synthetic biology roadmap could set research agenda for next 10 years
A new roadmap for synthetic biology could help to set research goals for improving food production, public health and the environment.

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