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Research Management - 28.02.2023

Environment - Economics - 28.02.2023
Policymakers in Singapore should act to overcome climate adaptation shortcomings
Far-reaching interventions are needed to overcome shortcomings in Singapore's approach to climate adaptation projects.

Physics - Innovation - 28.02.2023
AI and big data roadmap could enable superconductor revolution
A new roadmap which lays out how AI and big data techniques could drive advances in superconductivity research and development is aiming to help to spark a tech revolution. An international team of leading engineers, physicists and computing scientists are behind the roadmap, which is the first of its kind for the field of superconductor research.

Environment - Innovation - 28.02.2023
UK ’net zero’ aviation ambitions must resolve questions around alternatives to jet fuel
Bath academic Prof Marcelle McManus co-authors major new Royal Society report A new Royal Society report co-authored by University of Bath academic Professor Marcelle McManus has warned that producin

Transport - Innovation - 27.02.2023
Opinion: Driverless cars - what we’ve learned from experiments in San Francisco and Phoenix
As "driverless" car companies seek to expand testing, Professor Jack Stilgoe (UCL Science & Technology Studies) takes a look in The Conversation at how tests in San Francisco and Phoenix caused friction within the communities, and how cities might adapt to their widespread use.

Innovation - Computer Science - 27.02.2023
Monkey mouths and hands could be key to future interactive enrichment systems
Researchers from a Scottish university have teamed up with monkeys to learn more about how animals prefer to use interactive systems. The researchers, from the University of Glasgow, found that white-faced saki monkeys at Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki preferred to use their mouths, teeth and hands to pull switches and swing panels from side to side.

Health - Pharmacology - 27.02.2023
Causeway Therapeutics Secures £8.75M for Phase 2 Trial of Tendinopathy Therapy
Causeway Therapeutics, a University of Glasgow spin-out specializing in tendon disease has raised £8.75M from investors to to advance development of microRNA therapeutics.

Pharmacology - Health - 27.02.2023
Clinical trial launches for new schizophrenia drug
A potential new treatment for schizophrenia developed by Cardiff University's Medicines Discovery Institute is entering the first phase of a clinical trial. The drug - MDI-26478 - is designed to target specific receptors that play a key role in brain health. Cognitive decline is a core element of schizophrenia and current treatments fail to treat this effectively.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 27.02.2023
A looming water crisis at the world's highest glacier
A looming water crisis at the world’s highest glacier
Climate change is hitting the hardest in the world's mountain ranges. We learn how Leeds glaciologist Professor Duncan Quincey is helping locals at the world's highest glacier.

Chemistry - Physics - 24.02.2023
Research captures and separates important toxic air pollutant
Led by scientists at The University of Manchester , a series of new stable, porous materials that capture and separate benzene have been developed. Benzene is a volatile organic compound (VOC) and is an important feedstock for the production of many fine chemicals, including cyclohexane. But, it also poses a serious health threat to humans when it escapes into the air and is thus regarded as an important air pollutant.

Health - Pharmacology - 24.02.2023
India hospital network launched to initiate life-saving colon cancer trial
India hospital network launched to initiate life-saving colon cancer trial
Twelve hospitals across country will be part of the network which will support the trial in India Cancer surgery experts today launched a network of hospitals across India to support a country-wide clinical trial exploring how giving colon cancer patients chemotherapy before surgery cuts their risk of the disease coming back.

Event - History / Archeology - 24.02.2023
Object, Idea, Desire: Exhibition of Freud's antiquities collection co-curated by UCL academic
Object, Idea, Desire: Exhibition of Freud’s antiquities collection co-curated by UCL academic
A new exhibition at the Freud Museum London and accompanying digital archive bring rarely seen antiquities from Sigmund Freud's extensive collection into dialogue with his key theories, co-curated by UCL Professor Miriam Leonard.

Media - Social Sciences - 23.02.2023
Opinion: Misinformation - why it may not necessarily lead to bad behaviour
Opinion: Misinformation - why it may not necessarily lead to bad behaviour
Dr Christos Bechlivanidis (Psychology & Language Sciences), with colleagues, writes in The Conversation that presumptions that misinformation leads to bad behaviour isn't empirically supported, and the real relationship between beliefs and behaviour is more complex. "So far as the influence of the newspaper upon the mind and morals of the people is concerned, there can be no rational doubt that the telegraph has caused vast injury." So said the The New York Times in 1858, when the transatlantic cable linking North America and Europe was completed.

Life Sciences - Environment - 23.02.2023
’Antisocial’ damselfish are scaring off cleaner fish customers - and this could contribute to coral reef breakdown
Damselfish have been discovered to disrupt -cleaning services- vital to the health of reefs. And climate change may mean this is only likely to get worse.

Environment - Innovation - 23.02.2023
Prioritise tackling toxic emissions from tyres, urge Imperial experts
Prioritise tackling toxic emissions from tyres, urge Imperial experts
Imperial experts are calling for more to be done to limit the potentially harmful impact of toxic tyre particles on health and the environment. The researchers, from Imperial College London's Transition to Zero Pollution initiative, warn that even though electric vehicles remove the problem of fuel emissions, we will continue to have a problem with particulate matter because of tyre wear.

Career - 23.02.2023

Health - Innovation - 22.02.2023
COVID-19 infectivity, Silicon Valley visit and more: News from the College
Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From COVID-19 breakthroughs, to understanding threats to trees, here is some quick-read news from across the College.

Social Sciences - 22.02.2023
Creating an Inclusive Campus for all at UCL, take a five minute questionnaire to have your say
Creating an Inclusive Campus for all at UCL, take a five minute questionnaire to have your say
We are working hard to make our buildings better, to make it easier to get information and to create an inclusive environment where everyone can use the services we offer on campus.

Health - Pharmacology - 21.02.2023
Roadmap sets out new global strategy for development of more effective coronavirus vaccines
Plan will accelerate a new approach to coronavirus vaccines research and development, to protect against COVID-19 variants and future pandemic threats from new coronaviruses It's vital that we continu

Physics - Computer Science - 21.02.2023
UCL spinout raises £42 million to develop quantum processors
UCL spinout raises £42 million to develop quantum processors
Quantum Motion, a quantum computing spinout led by researchers from UCL and Oxford University, has raised more than £42 million from investors to help develop silicon quantum processors from the laboratory to industrial applications.

Criminology / Forensics - 21.02.2023
Juries convict defendants for rape more often than acquit
Once a rape case reaches court, juries in England and Wales are more likely to convict than acquit a defendant, and this has been the case for at least 15 years, according to a large-scale analysis of all jury verdicts by UCL's Professor Cheryl Thomas. The paper also found that the jury conviction rate for rape is increasing alongside an increase in jury verdicts in rape cases.

Environment - 21.02.2023