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Health - 02.04.2020
Rapid COVID-19 diagnostic test developed by Cambridge team to be deployed in hospitals
Rapid COVID-19 diagnostic test developed by Cambridge team to be deployed in hospitals
A new rapid diagnostic test for COVID-19, developed by a University of Cambridge spinout company and capable of diagnosing the infection in under 90 minutes, is being deployed at Cambridge hospitals, ahead of being launched in hospitals nationwide.

Health - Administration - 01.04.2020
University of Glasgow to support COVID-19 response with new testing facility
The University of Glasgow will host a major COVID-19 testing facility in Glasgow, in support of current UK and Scottish Governments and NHS efforts against the coronavirus pandemic.

Physics - Administration - 01.04.2020
Researchers awarded European Research Council funding
Four researchers at the University of Cambridge have won advanced grants from the European Research Council (ERC), Europe's premier research funding body.

Health - Administration - 01.04.2020
Heavy drinking into older age adds 4cm to waistline
The researchers used data from the Whitehall II cohort, which collected information from UK civil servants, aged 34-56 years at study outset, since 1985-88. The final sample for this study was made up of 4,820 older adults, aged between 59 and 83 years. The mean (average) age was 69, and 75% were male.

Health - Pedagogy - 01.04.2020
Symptoms, sanitising, swabs, shopping...'
Symptoms, sanitising, swabs, shopping...’
Symptoms, sanitising, swabs, shopping...' Sussex experts share their wisdom and advice during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Physics - 01.04.2020
Cooperative male dolphins match the tempo of each other’s calls
In humans, synchronised actions can lead to increased feelings of bonding, foster cooperation and diminish the perceived threat of rivals.

Health - 31.03.2020
COVID-19: One in five over-80s need hospitalisation and death rate 0.66 per cent
Nearly one in five over-80s infected with COVID-19 are likely to require hospitalisation, compared with around 1 percent of people under 30. This is one of the conclusions of an analysis of 3,665 cases in mainland China , published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases . It also estimates that the overall death rate, including unconfirmed cases, is 0.66%.

Health - Business / Economics - 31.03.2020

Health - Social Sciences - 31.03.2020
Collaborating with tech companies is key for fighting COVID-19
Scientists are calling on technology companies to work with researchers and governments to help curb the COVID-19 pandemic by sharing their data in a legal, proportionate, ethical and privacy-preserving manner.

Innovation - Administration - 31.03.2020
2.5m project set to shed light on future of solar power generation from space
A new project which will explore the possibility of using space-based reflectors to shine additional sunlight towards future large-scale solar power farms at dawn and dusk has won backing from the European Research Council.

Health - 30.03.2020
Time spent in public spaces significantly raises risk of contracting respiratory illnesses
Spending time in supermarkets, eating out, socialising and using public transport, as well as being in contact with someone who has a cold, significantly increases the risk of contracting a respiratory illness, according to new UCL research.

Health - 30.03.2020
Coronavirus measures may have already averted up to 120,000 deaths across Europe
Coronavirus measures may have already averted up to 120,000 deaths across Europe
Strong social distancing measures to slow and suppress the spread of COVID-19 across Europe are estimated to have averted thousands of deaths. The findings come from a new analysis by researchers at Imperial College London, which estimates the potential impact of interventions in 11 European countries to counter the coronavirus pandemic - including school closures and national lockdowns.

Health - Pharmacology - 30.03.2020
GP practices urged to join COVID-19 research
The Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) have joined forces with clinical system supplier EMIS Health to urgently recruit as many GP practices as possible for COVID-19 research.

Social Sciences - 30.03.2020
Improving the lives of people with dementia
An expert in the communication challenges caused by dementia is using her research to inform training practices for carers and families.

Health - Social Sciences - 30.03.2020
COVID-19’s impact on youth mental health the focus of new research
COVID-19 has led to an elevated awareness of threat in the environment and has caused major disruptions to families' lives, through social distancing, school closures, and now effective lock-down.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 29.03.2020
UCL, UCLH and Formula One develop life-saving breathing aids for the NHS
A breathing aid that can help keep Covid-19 patients out of intensive care, adapted by mechanical engineers at UCL and clinicians at UCLH working with Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains (Mercedes-AMG HPP), has been approved for use in the NHS.

Psychology - 27.03.2020
Five ways to create household harmony during lockdown
As the nation grapples with public lockdown, the reality of all living under the same roof has taken on a whole new meaning.

Health - Pharmacology - 27.03.2020
UK oncologists launch joint project to track cancer patients with COVID-19
A team of oncologists from the Universities of Birmingham, Oxford and Leeds have joined forces to launch the first cancer coronavirus registry in the world to track how cancer patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 will be impacted. The UK Coronavirus Cancer Monitoring Scheme is a national project which will pioneer the use of clinician-led reporting to track cancer patients and inform treatment pathways.

Health - Politics - 27.03.2020
Opinion: Coronavirus derails Russia’s constitutional reform vote
Vladimir Putin has postponed the public vote on constitutional reform amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Career - 27.03.2020
Dr Christine Yao announced as BBC New Generation Thinker
Dr Christine 'Xine' Yao (UCL English) has been named as one of this year's 'New Generation Thinkers' by the BBC and Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

Health - Environment - 26.03.2020

Mathematics - Physics - 26.03.2020
Growing plants without soil amongst frontier projects backed by President's fund
Growing plants without soil amongst frontier projects backed by President’s fund
Three projects that push the boundaries of science have received funds from the President's Excellence Fund for Frontier Research.

Health - Business / Economics - 26.03.2020
Staying safe during the coronavirus crisis
In recent weeks, we have seen the whole of the UK come together in support of each other during the coronavirus crisis.

Social Sciences - 26.03.2020
Mainstream feminism is broken, says Sussex expert in new book
Mainstream feminism is broken, says Sussex expert in new book
Me, Not You: The Trouble with Mainstream Feminism by Alison Phipps is published on 6 April 2020 A new book by Alison Phipps , Professor of Gender Studies at the University of Sussex, pulls back the curtain on #MeToo and other recent feminist campaigns against sexual violence.

Health - 26.03.2020
J-IDEA's Neil Ferguson tells MPs lockdown can help NHS manage coronavirus
J-IDEA’s Neil Ferguson tells MPs lockdown can help NHS manage coronavirus
Imperial's Neil Ferguson, Director of J-IDEA, has told MPs that the current UK lockdown could keep the coronavirus outbreak at manageable levels.

Health - Administration - 26.03.2020
David Nabarro says coronavirus challenges can be averted with rapid action
David Nabarro says coronavirus challenges can be averted with rapid action
The WHO's coronavirus special envoy and Imperial academic David Nabarro says the challenges faced by Italy and Iran can be avoided with rapid action.

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