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Environment - Innovation - 01.02.2021

Environment - History / Archeology - 01.02.2021
Newly transcribed chronicle describes extreme weather events that hit Bristol 400 years ago
Newly transcribed chronicle describes extreme weather events that hit Bristol 400 years ago
Historians from the University of Bristol have discovered contemporary accounts of numerous weird weather events that happened in the Bristol area around the turn of the 16th/17th century including devastating floods, massive snowfalls and frosts that saw rivers frozen for months.

Health - Pharmacology - 01.02.2021
New partnership announced with med-tech company Aparito
The University of Birmingham has today announced a partnership with med-tech company Aparito to co-develop digital platforms to assess patient quality of life and symptoms in clinical trials and routine NHS care.

History / Archeology - 01.02.2021
Ancient teeth suggest breeding between Neanderthals and modern humans
New analysis of 13 ancient teeth may have revealed a hybrid population made from both Neanderthals and modern humans, according to UCL archaeologists.

Pharmacology - Health - 01.02.2021
New £1.7m project tests groundbreaking treatment for diabetics with foot ulcers
A project designed to find a new treatment for dangerous foot ulcers launches today. The work targets biofilms - thick, slimy layers of bacteria.

Health - Campus - 29.01.2021

Research Management - Campus - 29.01.2021
Durham in Top 25 of most international universities
We've been named as one of the world's most international universities by the Times Higher Education (THE).

Health - Psychology - 29.01.2021
People exercising less and watching more TV than in first lockdown
Conversely, a fifth (19%) of people report watching television, streaming films and gaming, more than in the first lockdown, with 13% doing these activities less.

Health - Social Sciences - 29.01.2021
People in deprived areas 3 times more likely to use public transport for essential travel
People living in the most deprived areas of England and Wales were significantly more likely to use public transport and make more visits to essential shops during the second lockdown compared to those in the wealthiest areas, finds the UCL Covid-19 Virus Watch study.

Environment - 28.01.2021
Map shows Londoners how healthy their neighbourhood is
Londoners can now plan daily activities or even decide where to live according to how healthy an area is, using a new dataset and interactive map which launches today.

Health - Computer Science - 28.01.2021
Scientists to create perfect fitting face mask
Scientists from Cardiff University and the University of Southampton have joined forces to create the perfect fitting face mask, helping to protect frontline workers at the heart of the coronavirus pandemic. The team are using state-of-the-art computer software and MRI facial scans to precisely determine how respiratory protective equipment (RPE) interacts with a range of face shapes and sizes.

Administration - 28.01.2021

Campus - 27.01.2021
UCL takes action to reduce the impact of coronavirus on 2020-21 exams and assessments
UCL confirms that a 'no detriment' package is being developed to support your progression and graduation, while protecting the value of your degree.

Environment - Social Sciences - 27.01.2021

Innovation - Environment - 27.01.2021

Environment - Life Sciences - 26.01.2021
Analysis: why foods grown in warm climates could be doing the most damage to wildlife
Food produced in tropical and Mediterranean regions comes at a higher cost to biodiversity than that grown elsewhere, say Dr Tim Newbold, Adrienne Etard, Gonzalo Albaladejo Robles and Jessica J Williams (all UCL Biosciences).

Social Sciences - Psychology - 26.01.2021
Pioneering research-based app aims to support people not able to have the children they wish for
A pioneering app has been developed by Cardiff University researchers to provide expert advice, information and step-by-step support for people not able to have the children they had hoped for.

History / Archeology - 25.01.2021
21st Century Technology Delivers History & Literature Lesson on Scotland’s National Bard!
Ever thought how marvellous it would be to drop into one of Robert Burns' poems to see part of the story unfold?

Environment - 25.01.2021
Investigating impact of human activity on birds
Investigating impact of human activity on birds
Our scientists have shown where bird species would exist in the absence of human activity under research that could provide a new approach to setting conservation priorities.

Environment - Economics / Business - 25.01.2021

Music - History / Archeology - 24.01.2021
The first appearance of Auld Lang Syne is studied by UofG academics
It is a poem synonymous with Scotland's national bard, Robert Burns. And today Auld Lang Syne has become an anthem sung around the world at New Year.

Health - 22.01.2021

Astronomy / Space Science - 22.01.2021

Campus - 21.01.2021
UCL-led Mandarin programme putting thousands of pupils ’on path to fluency’
Nearly 7,000 pupils are now benefitting from a national Mandarin learning initiative delivered by UCL Institute of Education, in partnership with the British Council, according to a new Department for Education report.

Psychology - Social Sciences - 21.01.2021
Up to a fifth of adults have mental health problems in midlife
Baby Boomers and Generation X are at the greatest risk of mental ill-health in middle age, finds new UCL research The study, published today in Psychological Medicine, reveals that 20% of those born

Pharmacology - Social Sciences - 21.01.2021
Randomised trials could help to return children safely to schools - study
Randomised trials could help to return children safely to schools - study
Schools are closing again in response to surging levels of COVID-19 infection, but staging randomised trials when students eventually return could help to clarify uncertainties around when we should send children back to the classroom, according to a new study.

Life Sciences - Event - 21.01.2021

Physics - 21.01.2021
UofG partners with Oxford Instruments NanoScience on quantum computing
The University of Glasgow, a pioneering institution at the leading edge of quantum technology development and home of the Quantum Circuits Group, has announced it is using Oxford Instruments' next gen

Life Sciences - Environment - 21.01.2021
Common pesticides stop bees and flies from getting a good night’s sleep
Just like us, many insects need a decent night's sleep to function properly, but this might not be possible if they have been exposed to neonicotinoid insecticides, the most common form of insecticide used worldwide, suggests research by academics at the University of Bristol.

Campus - Innovation - 21.01.2021
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