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Health - Politics - 13.09.2021
Opinion: Scientists should dare to draw out their work's policy implications
Opinion: Scientists should dare to draw out their work’s policy implications
Covid's creation of an environment in which lessons can be debated will improve public understanding, says Deenan Pillay (UCL Infection & Immunity).

Health - Pharmacology - 13.09.2021
Scientists in new COVID-19 study
University of Birmingham researchers are part of a new study seeking to understand why some people become infected with COVID-19 after vaccination or prior infection while others do not.

Linguistics / Literature - 13.09.2021

Economics / Business - Innovation - 10.09.2021

Career - Innovation - 10.09.2021

Environment - Mathematics - 10.09.2021
How to predict climate change from the comfort of your home
How to predict climate change from the comfort of your home
The causes of climate change can be demoed using a cheap home or school computer, thanks to a Python program developed by a team at the University of Bath.

Economics / Business - 09.09.2021
China welcomes world’s largest scenario database for autonomous vehicle safety
Safety Pool(TM), led by WMG at the University of Warwick and Deepen AI, launches major collaboration with Automotive Data of China (CATARC-ADC), a subsidiary of CATARC Co.

Environment - 09.09.2021
Extensive new report aims to make climate change research accessible ahead of COP26
A new climate change report produced by the University of Birmingham intends to make academic expertise more available to global policy makers and to the public ahead of the COP26 climate change summit in November.

Social Sciences - 09.09.2021
Children at greatest risk of sexual violence in Kenya during the pandemic
A study of sexual violence in Kenya during the Covid-19 pandemic finds that children were more likely than adults to be attacked by somebody familiar to them, and incidents were more likely to happen during the daytime in the attacker's home.

Health - Life Sciences - 09.09.2021
New Web App to help demystify why Covid mutations have the effects they do
The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has focussed everyone's attention on the hidden world of viruses. The emergence of new variants such as Beta and Delta, affects us all: some variants spread more quickly and some are less affected by vaccines.

Astronomy / Space Science - Campus - 09.09.2021
FSE duo among Future Leaders Fellowship recipients
Drs Laura Wolz and Margherita Polacci of the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) have been named among the recipients of the UK Research and Innovation's (UKRI) flagship Future Leaders Fellowships scheme.

Economics / Business - Health - 09.09.2021
9/11 prepared firms for economic effects of COVID-19
Companies that experienced the financial impact of 9/11 were more resilient to the economic effects of COVID-19, according to research from Cardiff University.

Environment - Social Sciences - 08.09.2021
Government investment supports creative methods to connect young people with climate change research
A Glasgow-based project using zines produced by 14-18-year-olds to tell their climate change stories is among a series of new climate engagement projects supported by a UK government investment.

Health - Social Sciences - 08.09.2021
Robotics, free speech, health conditions and taxes explored by 2021 Future Leaders researchers
Seven UCL academics have been awarded UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships to accelerate their contribution to world-changing research and innovation.

Economics / Business - Environment - 08.09.2021

Social Sciences - Research Management - 08.09.2021
Survivors of modern slavery to play vital role in new research project
A new University of Birmingham-led research project has been launched to examine the impact of psychological support on the mental wellbeing of people affected by modern slavery.

Health - Career - 08.09.2021
North inequalities cost UK economy £7.3bn over first year of the pandemic
A REPORT released today shows northerners were more likely to die from COVID-19, spent nearly a month and-a-half more in lockdowns, suffered worse mental health and were made poorer than the rest of England during the first year of the pandemic.

Environment - 08.09.2021
The University of Birmingham partners with Siemens to create the smartest university campus in the world
The University of Birmingham, in partnership with Siemens , is combining digital sensor and analytics technologies, artificial intelligence, decentralised energy generation and storage, renewable ene

Environment - 08.09.2021
Opinion: Ditch 90% of world’s coal and 60% of oil and gas to limit warming to 1.5°C
Phasing out fossil fuel production requires a range of policy levers, such as banning petrol cars and promoting renewable electricity generation, argue PhD Candidate Daniel Welsby, James Price and Professor Steve Pye (all UCL Bartlett School of Environment, Energy & Resources).

Health - Pharmacology - 07.09.2021
Planned surgery in independent sector linked to shorter hospital stays and fewer readmissions than in NHS
Planned surgery in an independent sector hospital in England, and funded by the NHS, is associated with shorter lengths of stay and lower readmission rates than the same treatment in NHS hospitals, finds research led by the University of Birmingham.

Social Sciences - 07.09.2021
Extreme views are widespread in classrooms in England
Schools across England lack the resources and training to teach pupils how to reject and discuss dangerous extremist views and ideologies according to a major new study by UCL researchers and commissioned by education charity SINCE 9/11.