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Environment - Social Sciences - 31.03.2023
Artists and researchers team up to find sustainable solutions
Artists and researchers team up to find sustainable solutions
Date Artists from around the globe have been connected with Leeds academics to explore climate change and justice in an online research project. Five academics from the University of Leeds have worked with internationally based artists to support climate change initiatives as part of a project called 'For the Public Good' (FTPG).

History / Archeology - 31.03.2023
Deepfakes: has the camera always lied?
Date Fake footage is a centuries-old problem that began long before digital technology, according to a Leeds academic. A new research paper, published in the philosophy journal Synthese , argues that deepfakes aren't as unprecedented as they may seem, as photos and videos have been the subject of manipulation for more than a century.

Economics - 31.03.2023
UK recycling system requires ’dramatic overhaul’, report finds
Rubbish-bins-for-recycling-different-types-of-waste-garbage-containers-vector-infographics.jpg_s=1024x1024&w=is&k=20&c=QAjPDBbu9X9HPPgoB5Zc0CVFQTdNl_oCe6og7FBjLyA= The UK's recycling system requires a dramatic overhaul to effectively tackle the issue of plastic waste, according to a new report published by The University of Manchester's One Bin to Rule Them All project team.

Research Management - Health - 30.03.2023
ERC Grant for groundbreaking research on organ shape and position
An Imperial researcher has received new funding for their work exploring why organs are the shape they are.

Research Management - Computer Science - 30.03.2023

Administration - 30.03.2023

Health - Social Sciences - 29.03.2023
Diminishing health benefits of living in cities for children and teens
The advantages of living in cities for children and adolescents' healthy growth and development are shrinking across much of the world. This is according to a new global analysis of trends in child and adolescent height and body mass index (BMI) led by Imperial College London and published in Nature.

Social Sciences - Health - 29.03.2023
Xenophobia on the rise for Romanian migrants since Brexit and Covid
A recent study by a University of Glasgow-led research centre has identified that a significant proportion of Romanian migrants have experienced an increase in xenophobia and racism following the Brexit vote of 2016.

Research Management - Computer Science - 29.03.2023

Social Sciences - 28.03.2023
Towards inclusive European CSR legislation - New report co-authored by Silke Trommer
A report on inclusive European CSR legislation, commissioned as part of UniPID Development Policy Studies (UniPID DPS), funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, has been published with Dr Silke Trommer as one of the co-authors.

Economics - Event - 28.03.2023

Health - Life Sciences - 28.03.2023
World's first research hub for treating child blast injuries launched
World’s first research hub for treating child blast injuries launched
The world's first centre dedicated to studying and providing lifesaving innovations to children injured by explosive weapons has been launched.

Innovation - Economics - 28.03.2023

Politics - History / Archeology - 27.03.2023

Politics - 27.03.2023

Linguistics / Literature - 27.03.2023
A major feature of the ’Manc’ accent is disappearing - but not in North Manchester
New research by an expert at The University of Manchester has found that a major aspect of the traditional 'Manc' accent is still going strong in northern parts of the city, but is disappearing from people's speech elsewhere.

Economics - 27.03.2023

Veterinary - Health - 27.03.2023
Royal Veterinary College launches first comprehensive study of umbilical cord torsion in thoroughbreds
24 hour contact: 01707 666297 Researchers at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) have been awarded funding to build on their studies into umbilical cord torsion (UCT) in thoroughbreds. This research, funded by the Alborada Trust, continues the first ever comprehensive study of UCT in the world. It will explore causation as well as develop novel diagnostic tools to enable veterinary surgeons to detect and monitor the condition.

Sport - Health - 27.03.2023
National network launches aiming to dramatically reduce concussions in youth and community sport
The UK Concussion Prevention Network will be officially launched at an event in Bath on Monday 27 March.
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