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Health - Sep 16
A new study by the University of Bristol adds to evidence that links potential adverse effects of taking paracetamol during pregnancy. The research published today (Monday 16 September) in Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology examined whether there were any effects of taking paracetamol in mid-pregnancy and the behaviour of the offspring between the ages of 6 month and 11 years, with memory and IQ tested up until the age of 17.
Pharmacology - Sep 12

Cancer patients on immunotherapy fare worse if they have recently taken antibiotics, with their response and overall survival rate 'crashing'.

Health - Sep 11

Scientists at the University of Birmingham have revealed the roles that different types of gene mutations play in causing blood cancers in a study that was the culmination of a decade's research.

Health - Sep 12

Statins could be used to treat older patients admitted to hospital with a severe type of pneumonia, researchers at the University of Birmingham have found.

Health - Sep 11

Around the world 4.2 million people die every year within 30 days after surgery - with half of these deaths occurring in lowand middle-income countries (LMICs), a new study reveals.

Currently 339 jobs in fields Life Sciences, Health, Veterinary Science, Pharmacology.
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Health - 12.09
Chair in Psychological Medicine Queen Mary University of London
Veterinary Science - 12.09
Clinical Assistant Professor in Small Animal Practice University of Nottingham
Mathematics - 05.09
Chair in Applied Mathematics University of Glasgow
Life Sciences - 03.09
Associate Professor of Physiological Metabolism University of Oxford
Health - 03.09
W.A. Handley Professorship of Psychiatry University of Oxford
Life Sciences - 03.09
Associate Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry University of Oxford
Career - 12.08
Professorship of Surgical Oncology University of Cambridge
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