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Health - Jul 10
Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From a study into the risks of smokers developing more severe forms of COVID-19, to a new method for automatically detecting the ‘fingerprint' of soundscapes, here is some quick-read news from across the College. Smokers more at risk? Smokers hospitalised with COVID-19 may be more likely to progress to more severe forms of the disease, including admission to intensive care.
Health - Jul 10

A gene has been discovered that can naturally suppress the signs of Alzheimer's disease in human brain cells, in research involving UCL and led by Queen Mary University of London. The scientists have also developed a new rapid drug-screening system for treatments that could potentially delay or prevent the disease, they report in Molecular Psychiatry.

Health - Jul 9

Experts at Imperial have outlined their work to develop effective antibody tests to monitor the spread of COVID-19 infections in a new video. Researchers at Imperial College London are working with clinicians at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust on a programme of work to develop a ‘gold standard' antibody test to support the Trust's testing programme.

Health - Jul 9

Researchers have developed a way to pull HIV out of the latent reservoir making the virus visible to the immune system and providing the potential to be killed by treatment. Part of what has made HIV infection so difficult to cure, is that once the virus enters the body, some of it hides dormant inside of the cells, making it essentially invisible to both the immune system and antiretroviral drugs.

Life Sciences - Jul 9

Baboons who are used to researcher presence are less tolerant than we thought, according to a new study by our anthropologists. It had been widely presumed that researchers can use habituation to remove the fear that study animals have towards them, leading to animals ignoring people at close range.

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