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Paleontology - Nov 26
A 68 million-year-old fossil of a crow-sized bird discovered in Madagascar offers new insights into the evolution of face and beak shape of modern birds' ancestors, according to a new study involving UCL researchers. The findings are helping scientists to understand convergent evolution of complex anatomy.
Health - Nov 26

A world-leading 1.5 million research programme that aims to achieve scar free healing within a generation has been launched today [26 November] by The Scar Free Foundation, the only medical research charity which focuses solely on scarring. The five-year research study led by the University of Bristol will identify the gene(s) that causes scarring and inform future treatments.

Life Sciences - Nov 24

Increased consumption of flavanols - a group of molecules which occur naturally in fruit and vegetables - can increase your mental agility, according to new research.

Life Sciences - Nov 25
Life Sciences

Scientists have built tiny droplet-based microbial factories that produce hydrogen, instead of oxygen, when exposed to daylight in air.

Chemistry - Nov 20

An international team of researchers from Bristol and China has prepared biocompatible protocells that generate nitric oxide gas - a known reagent for blood vessel dilation - that when placed inside blood vessels expand the biological tissue.

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Program Co-Manager University of Zurich
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R&D Engineer in Chemical Sensors (m/f), 100% Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique, Landquart
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Postdoctoral Research Assistant Queen Mary University of London
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Communications Manager (Fixed Term) University of Cambridge
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Research Assistant (Fixed Term) University of Cambridge
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Research Strategy Facilitator (Fixed Term) University of Cambridge
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Technical Research Lead (Fixed Term) University of Cambridge
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Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Inflammation and Metabolism Queen Mary University of London
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