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Pharmacology - Nov 21
A team of Cardiff University researchers has uncovered a potential new way to treat a very rare genetic disorder that causes muscles in the arms and legs to become increasingly weak. GNE myopathy is a debilitating condition that affects young adults in their 20s or 30s, typically leaving them in a wheelchair within years.
Pharmacology - Nov 21

An analysis of patients' heart data has shown that even a small increase in a protein linked to heart attacks is linked to an increased risk of death. Clinicians use troponin testing, alongside other investigations, to determine whether a patient is having a heart attack and to inform treatment choices.

Health - Nov 20

The introduction of a digital alert system to monitor patients with sepsis has led to a reduction in deaths and hospital stays.

Health - Nov 20

Scientists from Imperial and the University of Bergen have found a new way to predict how a disease will likely progress in individual patients. This could help patients receive more targeted treatments earlier in the progress of their disease.

Life Sciences - Nov 19

Forty-four academics are included in Clarivate's 'Highly Cited Researchers 2019' list, which recognises authors of the most influential research papers around the world. The results are comparable with university peers such as Oxford (55 researchers recognised), Cambridge (53) and Imperial College London (34) and represent an increase since last year, when 41 UCL researchers were recognised.

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Associate Professor of Zoology (Conservation Biology) University of Oxford
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Assistant Professor University of Nottingham
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Clinical Assistant Professor in Farm Animal Pathology University of Nottingham
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Associate Professor of Computer Science (Computational Medicine) University of Oxford
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PA to Professor of Cancer Prevention [Temporary Cover] University of Cambridge
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Professor of Animal Growth and Development University of Leeds
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Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies University of Nottingham
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Assistant Professor in Archaeogenetics (fixed term) University of Nottingham
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