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Health - Oct 23
Researchers have been awarded funding to trial a new treatment for frequent falls in patients with advanced Parkinson's. In Parkinson's disease, some parts of the brain begin to deteriorate, leading to symptoms including balance problems, which can increase the chances of falls.
Health - Oct 21

UCL research teams are part of a new transatlantic research alliance to develop radical new strategies and technologies to detect cancer at its earliest stage.

Pharmacology - Oct 18

Non-invasive brain stimulation is to be trialed for the first time alongside advanced brain imaging techniques in patients who are minimally conscious or in a vegetative state.

Health - Oct 21

An international team of researchers has found a different way cancer becomes resistant to chemotherapy, suggesting a new target for drugs. Chemotherapy kills cancers cells by preventing them from multiplying and by inducing ‘cell death', a natural process that can be enhanced with drugs.

Pharmacology - Oct 16

A low cost and widely available drug could reduce deaths in traumatic brain injury patients by as much as 20 per cent depending on the severity of injury, according to a major study carried out in collaboration with the University of Birmingham.

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Pharmacology - 22.10
Clinical Research Fellow - Blood-Stage Malaria Programme University of Oxford
Pharmacology - 22.10
Researcher University of Oxford
Pharmacology - 22.10
Trial Manager University of Oxford
Health - 22.10
GMP Production Manager University of Oxford
Pharmacology - 22.10
Postdoctoral Researcher in Ultrasound-enhanced Drug Delivery University of Oxford
Pharmacology - 22.10
Trial Administrator University of Oxford
Pharmacology - 22.10
SITU Clinical Trials Assistant University of Oxford
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