Social Sciences and Psychology

Social Sciences - Jul 1
Specific sleep problems among babies and very young children can be linked to mental disorders in adolescents, a new study has found. A team at the University of Birmingham's School of Psychology studied questionnaire data from the Children of the 90s , a UK-based longitudinal study which recruited pregnant mothers of 14,000 babies when it was set up almost three decades ago.
Social Sciences - Jul 1

Understanding these contact patterns, and how people physically distance from each other in different settings and among different groups, will help policy makers design effective control strategies for preventing transmission.

Pedagogy - Jun 19

Government and employers must take stock to ensure mothers' long-term employment prospects are not disproportionately impacted by lockdown

Social Sciences - Jun 23

Adults in the lowest socio-economic group have been almost nine times more likely to struggle to pay the bills compared to those from higher socio-economic groups, finds a new UCL study examining adversity relating to Covid-19.

Social Sciences - Jun 18

Evidence of an elite adult male conceived through a socially sanctioned incestuous relationship during the Neolithic period has been discovered in Ireland's largest passage tomb, finds a new study involving UCL and Trinity College Dublin.

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