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Social Sciences - Nov 13
University reading lists are not representative of the student body and tend towards overrepresentation of white, male and Eurocentric viewpoints, a new study from UCL has found. The study, published in Higher Education, analysed 144 authors of Social Science papers and 146 authors of Science papers included in two university reading lists, gathering data on gender, ethnicity and the country in which the researchers' affiliated institutions were based.
Social Sciences - Nov 9
Social Sciences

The study, published today (Monday 11 November) in Drug and Alcohol Dependence at the start of Alcohol Awareness Week (11 - 17 November) strengthens the evidence for a relationship between anxiety

Social Sciences - Nov 1

Gannets, the largest seabirds in the North Atlantic, can travel hundreds of miles from their homes just to catch food for their chicks. However, with around a million square miles of ocean to choose from, it has always been a mystery how they decide where is best to search for fish.

Psychology - Nov 7

White British young people living in more ethnically diverse deprived neighbourhoods have better mental health than those living in "white working-class" neighbourhoods, according to a new UCL study.

Social Sciences - Oct 24

The social climate in the UK following the European Union (EU) referendum has had a detrimental impact on migrants' mental health, according to a new study led by UCL.

Currently 104 jobs in fields Pedagogy, Psychology, Social Sciences, Sport, Politics.
Selected Jobs
Psychology - 13.11
Associate Professor of Social or Developmental Psychology University of Oxford
Psychology - 13.11
Associate Professor of Experimental Psychology University of Oxford
Social Sciences - 13.11
Associate Professorship of Social Policy University of Oxford
Social Sciences - 09.10
Chair in Latin American Studies University of Nottingham
Health - 12.09
Chair in Psychological Medicine Queen Mary University of London

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