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Life Sciences - Feb 27
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Different learning difficulties do not correspond to specific regions of the brain, as previously thought, say researchers at the University of Cambridge. Instead poor connectivity between 'hubs' within the brain is much more strongly related to children's difficulties. Between 14-30% of children and adolescents worldwide have learning difficulties severe enough to require additional support.
Pedagogy - Jan 28

A study evaluating the effectiveness of the widely used 'Daily Mile' intervention in schools to tackle childhood obesity has found that the benefits are small, and may be greater in girls than boys.

Pedagogy - Jan 20

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Pedagogy - Jan 27

A public ban on smoking in cars in England and Wales has led to fewer children being exposed to cigarette smoke, according to new analysis. England and Wales banned smoking in cars carrying children in 2015, with Scotland introducing a ban the following year.

Pedagogy - Dec 5, 2019

A study has shown that regular weekly gamblers were more likely to be male and had developed habits and patterns of play by age 20. Factors such as the gambling habits of parents and social media use were also found to influence a young person's gambling activity.

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Lecturer in Animation University of Dundee
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Rehabilitationist (Teacher of the Deaf) University of Southampton
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Teaching Fellow - Graphic Arts (Illustration Pathway) University of Southampton
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Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship Lead (ScotGEM) University of Dundee
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