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Health - Jan 15
One in six women experience long-term post-traumatic stress following miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. This is the finding of the largest ever study into the psychological impact of early-stage pregnancy loss, from scientists at Imperial College London and KU Leuven in Belgium. Pregnancy loss affects up to one in two women, and for many women it will be the most traumatic event in their life.
Social Sciences - Dec 27, 2019
Social Sciences

New research from the University of Sussex shows that people who take part in Dry January - living alcohol-free for a month - are still drinking less six months later.

Psychology - Nov 22, 2019

Scientists from Cardiff University have studied the sleep patterns of children and adolescents with one of the most common genetic conditions - 22q11.2 deletion syndrome (22q).

Psychology - Dec 6, 2019

Women who have symptoms of depression and anxiety during pregnancy do not report concerns with their infant sons' behaviour - but do with daughters, a Cardiff University study has found. As many as one in four women experience depression and/or anxiety in pregnancy and evidence suggests it can increase the risk of emotional and behavioural issues, particularly in boys.

Psychology - Nov 7, 2019

White British young people living in more ethnically diverse deprived neighbourhoods have better mental health than those living in "white working-class" neighbourhoods, according to a new UCL study.

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