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Social Sciences - Jan 17
Older adults from ethnic minority groups report having fewer close friends and fewer friends who live locally than older white people, according a new UCL study. The research, published iná Ageing & Society , found that Black and Asian adults over the age of 65 years are almost twice as likely to report having no close friends (9% and 7% respectively) compared to White and mixed or 'other' ethnicity adults of the same age (both 4%).
Environment - Jan 16

Researchers from the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs and the University of Sussex analysed USD 1.3 trillion of research funding around the world.

Social Sciences - Jan 16

A new review of previous studies into suicide worldwide has highlighted the effects of individual and environmental risk factors over a lifetime.

Social Sciences - Jan 16

Far-right agitators in Portugal now have different reasons to their 1970s predecessors for becoming radicalised and committing acts of political violence - a new study shows.

Social Sciences - Jan 14

The wealthiest men and women can expect to live an additional eight to nine years free from disability compared to people in the poorest groups, according to new UCL-led research.

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