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Religions - Apr 27
The Church of England will be supported in their ambitious aim of achieving net-zero carbon by 2030 through a new partnership with Durham Energy Institute (DEI). The Church of England (CofE) are leading the way on decarbonisation plans - 20 years ahead of the UK.
Physics - Apr 27

We've benefited from a share of 5.7m in funding to support the next generation of science leaders to research the evolution of stars and the decay of subatomic particles. The UK's Science and Technology Facilities Council has awarded Ernest Rutherford Fellowships to early career researchers who have leadership potential in their chosen field.

Astronomy - Apr 23

From supermassive black holes to the hunt for dark matter, Durham's scientists are at the forefront of investigations into the evolution of the universe.

Astronomy - Apr 19

Durham's astronomers are playing a key role in the biggest scientific programme to be carried out on the new successor to the Hubble Space Telescope.

Life Sciences - Mar 30

Researchers from our Department of Biosciences have launched a new project to help track the variety and distribution of garden songbirds this spring. The project, called Nature's Audio , is aiming to produce the first nationwide sample of birdsong across the UK, to provide an insight into where and when birds, including those shortly to return from warmer climes, are singing this spring.

Computer Science - Apr 26

What does Britain's new Cyber Force mean for the future of cyber security? Dr Andrew Dwyer from our Department of Geography, and Dr Joe Devanny - deputy director of the Centre for Defence Studies in the Department of War Studies (King's College London) - discuss how the success of the new UK National Cyber Force (NCF) will be determined by the quality of the leadership, strategy, structures and processes that shape its growth and operational use.

Environment - Apr 21

We've been ranked 87 th in the world for our overall contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), demonstrating our commitment to a sustainable future. The rankings also place Durham in the top 100 in nine of the individual league tables for the 17 UN SDGs, an achievement we are really proud of.

Social Sciences - Apr 7

Sexually violent pornography is being regularly promoted to first-time visitors on the landing pages of the UK's most popular pornography websites, finds the largest study of online pornographic content to date.

Media - Mar 25

To answer some of life's questions, we often rely on numbers. How we hear about these numbers though, is often through the media. The problem with this is that the way the media uses numbers isn't particularly reliable.

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