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Location: Leeds
Woodhouse, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK
Pharmacology - Mar 5
Leeds has been recognised as a Centre of Excellence in the way it integrates research and treatment for difficult-to-cure brain tumours. The award has been made by the Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission and is a tribute to the way scientists at the University and clinical staff at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust work together to bring cutting-edge insight and therapies to patients.
Health - Mar 4

Bowel cancer patients in Yorkshire will continue to benefit from improvements in diagnosis and treatment following a £2.1 million funding boost from Yorkshire Cancer Research.

Life Sciences - Mar 2
Life Sciences

Scientists have taken a significant step forward in their search for the origin of a progressive eye condition which can cause sight loss.

Life Sciences - Feb 24
Life Sciences

Researchers have mapped the physical organisation of the brain of a soil-living nematode worm, creating a new model for the architecture of the animal's brain.

Health - Feb 22

A £4 million research project will develop a new generation of artificial joints that last longer, produce fewer side effects and are better suited for younger people.

Economics - Mar 2

New energy tariffs designed for a low carbon future could leave people on bad deals even worse off, research has found.

Environment - Feb 25

The International Medieval Congress (IMC), one of the biggest academic conferences taking place online in the world this year, is to take climates as its theme.

Environment - Feb 23

Glaciers in West Antarctica are moving more quickly from land into the ocean, contributing to rising global sea levels.

Social Sciences - Feb 22
Social Sciences

The benefits system needs to change in order to properly support claimants during and after COVID-19, a major national research project has concluded.

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