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The Old Schools, Trinity Ln, Cambridge CB2 1TN, UK
Environment - May 13
Radical changes to the food system are needed to safeguard our food supply and combat malnutrition in the face of climate change, environmental degradation and epidemics, says new report.
Social Sciences - May 13

I find this information interesting because it shows a clear link between history and data, and how it affects people's lives Lewys, Year 8 student Researchers from Cambridge's Department of Geography and Year 8 students in Wales have worked together to produce a series of learning resources based on census data, showing how the country has changed over time.

Health - May 12

Cambridge scientists are among the new Fellows announced today by the Academy of Medical Sciences. The greatest health advances rely on the findings of many types of research, and on multidisciplinary teams and cross-sector and global collaboration.

Environment - May 11

A report launched today by the British Ecological Society, with contributions from the University of Cambridge, offers the first complete assessment of the potential of nature-based solutions to mitigate climate change and benefit biodiversity in the UK.

Environment - May 10

Training the artificial intelligence models that underpin web search engines, power smart assistants and enable driverless cars, consumes megawatts of energy and generates worrying carbon dioxide emissions.

Health - May 12

Latest research on digital interventions deployed by UK government and UNESCO suggests that exposing people to a "microdose" of techniques used by misinformation merchants helps "inoculate" them against fake news about the pandemic.

Social Sciences - May 12
Social Sciences

The Royal Institute of Philosophy has awarded (jointly) its 2021 essay prize to a University of Cambridge researcher for the first philosophical analysis of 'liking' on social media.

Health - May 10

Autistic people have far greater risks of long term physical health conditions than others, but the reasons for this remain unclear.

Psychology - May 7

Helping parents with depression or anxiety could also improve their ability to engage in potentially 'protective' forms of play with their children that can reduce the risk of behavioural problems, new research suggests.

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Life Sciences - 12.05
Post-doctoral fellow University of Geneva
Environment - 12.05
Post-doctoral fellow / Center for Vaccinology University of Geneva
Health - 12.05
Post-doctoral position in statistical genetics Lausanne University Hospital and University of Lausanne
Computer Science - 11.05
Post-Doctoral Researcher in Image-based Machine Learning (60 -100%) Lucerne University of Applied Sciences
Microtechnics - 10.05
R&D Engineer for Optoelectronic Integration and Assembly Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique
Computer Science - 08.05
Scientific Researcher in Natural Language Processing (50-80%) Lucerne School of Information Technology
Electroengineering - 04.05
Research Associate Digital Energy Systems 80 - 100% Lucerne University of Applied Sciences
Economics/Business - 29.04
Teaching and Research Associate (PhD Fellowship) Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Social Sciences - 27.04
Full Professor of Social Work (50%) University of Neuchâtel

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