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Life Sciences - Jul 10
The skulls of toothed whales have become more asymmetric over time, according to a new study led by UCL and the Natural History Museum in London. The team also found that early ancestors of living whales had little cranial asymmetry and likely were not able to echolocate, in the findings published in BMC Biology .
Health - Jul 10

Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From a study into the risks of smokers developing more severe forms of COVID-19, to a new method for automatically detecting the ‘fingerprint' of soundscapes, here is some quick-read news from across the College.

Environment - Jun 29

Modelling of the Chicxulub asteroid impact 66 million years ago shows it created a world largely unsuitable for dinosaurs to live in.

Earth Sciences - Jun 30
Earth Sciences

Scientists have for the first time linked the deep Earth's water cycle to earthquakes and volcanic activity.

Environment - Jun 29

A deep-sea soft coral garden habitat has been discovered in Greenlandic waters by scientists from UCL, ZSL and Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, using an innovative and low-cost deep-sea video camera built and deployed by the team.

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Environment - 14.07
Student Life Manager (Advice & Guidance) (ALC1014) University of East Anglia
Environment - 13.07
Research Fellow in Aerosol Modelling University of Leeds
Environment - 13.07
Data Systems Developer Cranfield University
Environment - 08.07
Research Fellow in Dairy Systems Sustainability University of Leeds
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