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Environment - Nov 25
The deep seas - vast expanses of water and seabed hidden more than 200 metres below the ocean surface to depths up to 11,000 metres - are recognised globally as an important frontier of science and discovery. But despite the fact they account for around 60% of Earth's surface area, large areas remain completely unexplored, yet the habitats they support impact on the health of the entire planet.
Health - Nov 23

If you think getting your cat to the veterinarian is tricky, a new study - led by Cornell Wildlife Health Center, the University of Glasgow and the Wildlife Conservation Society; and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - has revealed that vaccination of endangered Amur (Siberian) tigers is the only practical strategy to protect them from a dangerous disease in their natural habitat in the Russian Far East.

Materials Science - Nov 17
Materials Science

Researchers have developed environmentally friendly materials that could harvest enough energy from indoor light to power wireless smart devices.

Life Sciences - Nov 20
Life Sciences

Scientists have discovered that the Firth of Clyde is an important source of juvenile whiting to the wider Scottish west coast waters, in new research likely to be important for fisheries management.

Environment - Nov 13

New research reveals widespread contamination of English rivers with pesticides commonly used as flea treatments

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Chemistry - 26.11
Research Fellow University of Southampton
Earth Sciences - 26.11
Research Fellow in Lithium Mineralization University of Southampton
Environment - 26.11
Research Fellow in Water Safety and Risk Mapping University of Leeds
Environment - 26.11
Research Fellow in Global Water Resources University of Leeds
Environment - 26.11
Research Assistant (fixed term) University of Bath
Environment - 24.11
Research Associate in Air Pollution Monitoring University of York
Computer Science - 24.11
Research Fellow in Trusted Human-Machine Teaming University of Southampton
Computer Science - 24.11
Research Engineer - Big Data and AI University of Southampton
Life Sciences - 24.11
Research Associate / Fellow (fixed term) University of Nottingham
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