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Law - Nov 5, 2019
Nearly half (45%) of in-house lawyers have been asked to advise on an action with debatable ethics, according to research by UCL. The research, published in a new report ' Which way is the wind blowing? Understanding the moral compass of in-house legal counsel' also found that 39% of in-house lawyers had been asked to advise on something which was potentially illegal.
Philosophy - Jan 21, 2019

Beauty practices and standards are higher than ever with the pressure to achieve the ‘perfect' body now becoming a moral imperative, suggests research published by the University of Birmingham.

Life Sciences - Jul 23, 2018

An independent inquiry led by Nuffield Council on Bioethics, involving UCL, has concluded that editing the DNA of a human embryo, sperm, or egg to influence the characteristics of a future person ('heritable genome editing') could be "morally permissible".

Social Sciences - Jul 26, 2018

Syrian refugees have higher levels of unemployment than UK citizens, are often overqualified for work they do find, and are being underserved by current British immigration policy despite their eagerness to contribute to society, new research reveals.

Philosophy - Jul 12, 2018

A unique three-year project to bridge the divide between science and philosophy - which embedded early-career philosophers into some of Cambridge's ground-breaking scientific research clusters - is the subject of a new film released today.

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