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Mathematics - Mar 19
A Research Fellow from the University of Sussex has worked with a team of mathematicians to help Natural England identify the most beneficial places to plant 10,000 hectares of new woodland. Eduard Campillo-Funollet collaborated with a team from the University of Bath to produce mathematical models and maps to help identify the hotspots for tree planting throughout England.
Mathematics - Feb 12

Secular cultures which are tolerant of minority groups and respectful of individuals' rights tend to have more wealth, education and democracy, a new study by University of Bristol scientists has found.

Computer Science - Sep 24, 2019
Computer Science

Digital computers use numbers based on flawed representations of real numbers, which may lead to inaccuracies when simulating the motion of molecules, weather systems and fluids, find UCL and Tufts University scientists.

Mathematics - Feb 11

In light of recent research findings, involving 9,000 pupils, that suggest attainment groupings may have an effect on pupils' self-confidence, Dr Becky Taylor (UCL Institute of Education) explains how schools may want to reflect on existing teaching practices.

Life Sciences - Aug 7, 2019

Many animals have to move around in their environment to find resources to live and reproduce. Scientists have studied particular examples of this for many years but there are not many unifying frameworks to understand the general organising principles of animal movement.

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Computer Science/Telecom - 23.03
Research Associate on Probabilistic and Differentiable Programming University of Oxford
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Mathematical Modeller University of Oxford
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Research Associate / Fellow (Fixed-term) University of Nottingham
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Lecturer in Pure Mathematics University of Leeds
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Statistician (Fixed Term) University of Cambridge
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