Innovation and Economics

Innovation - May 15
Here's a batch of fresh news and announcements from across Imperial. From new insights into Saturn's dusty rings, to funding for an Imperial startup that develops next-generation rechargeable batteries, here is some quick-read news from across the College. Saturn's dusty rings Dust from Saturn's rings falling towards the planet is making the top of its equatorial atmosphere 10-100 times more electrically conductive than previously estimated.
Economics - May 1

Low income workers in developing countries face a higher risk of income loss during the Covid-19 lockdown as it is less possible to conduct their jobs from home, suggests a new study from UCL, Bank of Thailand, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and GRIPS, Tokyo.

Economics - Apr 21

Researchers find a gender gap in job loss probabilities even after controlling for education and occupation type.

Economics - Apr 21

New data shows women and people who did not go to university are more likely to have lost work and earnings since mid-March.

Economics - Apr 15

Almost one and a half billion spending transactions reveal "real time" reactions of consumers in a major western economy during the nation's peak pandemic period.

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