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Career - Nov 26, 2019
Co-authoring a research paper with an established scientist early in an academic's career leads to significant future benefits for the junior researcher, finds a paper by UCL. This effect is much stronger for early-career researchers affiliated with less prestigious institutions, who are statistically less likely later in their careers to reach the same levels those at the most prestigious institutions will.
Career - Oct 22, 2019

Women and men experience a 'large divergence' in their career paths in the years following childbirth, according to a study following more than 3,500 new parents. Only 27.8 per cent of women are in full-time work or self-employed three years after childbirth, compared to 90 per cent of new fathers.

Health - May 2, 2019

Researchers from the University of Birmingham have received a grant worth over £275,000 from leading men's health charity, Prostate Cancer UK. Their aim is to help develop a new test to accurately show how aggressive someone's prostate cancer is, in order to help doctors identify the best treatment for each individual man.

Career - Jun 6, 2019

Being a woman has a negative association with academic rank, a study led by Cardiff University researchers has shown. A total of 2,270 academics from the 24 Russell Group universities, across all fields of knowledge, were surveyed for the research.

Career - Dec 13, 2018

The NHS in Wales supports more than 10% of the country's total employment, new research has shown. The study, carried out at Cardiff Business School's Welsh Economy Research Unit, details what the organisation generates in terms of jobs and wages - both directly to its employees as well as to services and companies that supply and maintain NHS activity in Wales.

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