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Business - Aug 7
The billion-dollar pet industry now has a growing market dedicated to wearable devices but new research from the University of Bristol has found these devices capture more data on the owners rather than their pets. Consumers have the option to track location, activity and health data of their pets but the Bristol Cyber Security Group have found these wearables do not always acknowledge the privacy implications for the humans and their data.
Innovation - Jul 9

A University of Sussex professor has helped draw up new guidance to aid European policymakers in making better informed decisions on issues of complex scientific evidence.

Business - Jun 27

The hotter the day the more likely US immigration judges are to make harsher decisions - a new study by the universities of Ottawa, Canada and Sussex, England can reveal. The study, published in the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics , analyses the impact of outdoor temperatures on high-stakes decisions made in 207,000 US immigration cases.

Innovation - Jul 3

Our future TV and smartphone screens could have double the energy efficiency, thanks to a technique invented by Imperial scientists. The pixels in many modern screens for TVs, smartphones, tablets, and laptops are lit by little devices called OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes).

Innovation - Jun 17

Glaciers are beginning to move faster than they have ever done before. Our warming world is melting the ice on top of glaciers, causing meltwater to trickle down through cracks and holes and act as a lubricant over which the glacier can roll - much like shopping items on a conveyer belt.

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Politics - 16.08
Professor in the Institute of the Americas University College London
Business/Economics - 16.08
Associate Professor in Industrial Economics University of Nottingham
Career - 16.08
Assistant Professor: Civil Engineering (Singapore) University of Glasgow
Business/Economics - 16.08
KPMG Professorship of Management Studies University of Cambridge
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Assistant Professor in Industrial Economics University of Nottingham
Law/Forensics - 12.08
Chair in Constitutional Law University of Manchester
Career - 12.08
Professorship of Surgical Oncology University of Cambridge
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Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation University of Nottingham
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Chair in Criminal Law University of Manchester
Business/Economics - 09.08
Professor in Accounting Aston University
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