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Career - Feb 18
The introduction of the minimum wage for the first time in Germany in 2015 drove workers from smaller to larger and more productive businesses that pay higher wages, according to a UCL and Institute for Employment Research (IAB) Nuremberg study. The study, published as a CReAM discussion paper, is the most comprehensive analysis of the wider implications of Germany's minimum wage policy.
Innovation - Jan 27

They found that the pattern of thinning is evolving in complex ways both in space and time with thinning rates now highest along the slow-flow margins of the glacier, while rates in the fast-flowing central trunk have decreased by about a factor of five since 2007.

Business - Dec 9, 2019

A new study by scientists from The Nature Conservancy (TNC), the University of Bristol and flood analytics company Fathom, seeks to answer an important question related to flooding in the United States - pay now to protect undeveloped areas that are likely to flood in the future or allow developments to go ahead and pay for damage when it occurs.

Business - Dec 13, 2019

One in three people commit "financial infidelity", with potentially toxic consequences for their relationships, according to a study co-led by UCL which is thought to be the first to investigate the concept.

Innovation - Nov 28, 2019

British and German experts from industry and academia will create a new ‘Innovation Hub' based in Birmingham to deliver new approaches to energy and waste management that will benefit cities and communities in China and around the world.

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Chair in Accounting University of Nottingham
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Professorship of Surgical Sciences University of Oxford
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Associate Dean Education, Learning & Teaching and Reader or Professor University of Dundee
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Associate Professorship of Economics University of Oxford
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Chair in Banking and Finance and/or Accounting University of Leeds
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Associate Professor of Management Science University of Oxford
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Assistant Professor in Finance, Risk and Banking (Teaching Focused) University of Nottingham
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Chair in Health Innovation / Leadership University of Nottingham
Business/Economics - 29.01
Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management Cranfield University
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