UCL celebrates Black History Month 2021

UCL is celebrating Black History Month with a variety of free talks and social events - find out more.

A range of exciting UCL events to mark Black History Month 2021 kicks off at the end of September and will run throughout October: 


  • 28 September - [VIRTUAL]: Register for the Sarah Parker Remond Centre event, I fought the Law and I won, a Black Judge speaks , which will see Judge Peter Herbert OBE, founder of the Society of Black Lawyers speaking on race, law, and his recent legal action against the judiciary.  


  • 6 October - [VIRTUAL]: The Institute of the Americas will be holding the event Whiteness in Latin America , which brings together three leading scholars on race studies to discuss the role of whiteness in Latin American cultures. 
  • 14 October - [VIRTUAL]:  Join the UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence as they celebrate Black voices in Artificial Intelligence. 


  • 3 November - [VIRTUAL]: Sign up to the Sarah Parker Remond Centre event British Black Power , which will feature Leila Hassan-Howe - Black British civil rights activist, leader, writer, history maker and co-founder of the 1970s ’Race Today Collective’ - telling her story. 
  • 4 November - [VIRTUAL]: Join Leila Hassan-Howe for a personal, illustrated journey through the life of Darcus Howe, a key figure in many major movements - from the Black Panthers to the Mangrove 9, Bangladeshi housing, the Black Peoples Day of Action, and more. 

This webpage will be updated with more events throughout the month as they are announced. If you are hosting a UCL event for Black History Month that you would like included here, please get in touch. 

  • Listen to Black Lives at UCL , a podcast series hosted by Tunde Banjoko OBE which amplifies and shares the voices of UCL’s Black staff and students. 

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