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Career - Apr 22
Two UCL academics have been awarded European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grants worth approximately 2.5 million each in recognition of their frontier research and scientific excellence. The Grants will fund ground-breaking work in two very different areas of human geography and modern history: the links between digitalisation and urbanisation in the global south, and the narrative that frames opera as a tool of political nationalism.
Earth Sciences - Apr 22

UCL Earth Sciences students, unable to take part in their normal field-based classes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, are instead using virtual reality headsets to learn about Britain's oldest rocks from northwest Scotland.

Economics - Apr 22

The UCL Student Enquiries Centre has recently been awarded the Customer Services Excellence standard, a nationwide accreditation scheme for public sector organisations and businesses.

Health - Apr 21

Older people in England with physical disabilities were more likely to have worse mental health and to feel lonelier during the Covid-19 pandemic than able bodied people - with more support required to address this during and after the pandemic - according to a new UCL study.

Economics - Apr 21

The pioneering achievements of four UCL alumni have been recognised, after being named in Forbes' annual 'Top 30 Under 30' list of leading entrepreneurs and creatives in Europe.

Campus - Apr 22

This week we meet David Sidhu, Research Fellow in the Language and Cognition Laboratory, who chats to us about his research on sound symbolism. What is your role and what does it involve? I am a research fellow in the Language and Cognition Laboratory run by Dr. Gabriella Vigliocco.

Health - Apr 21

Leading voices on democracy from UCL and the Hansard Society, along with other experts on the rule of law, are warning MPs just how far the House of Commons has become marginalised, one year on from its introduction of emergency procedures to operate during the pandemic.

Computer Science - Apr 21

Fitness devices and children's smart toys, as well as other connected devices, can be easily manipulated by domestic abusers seeking to access private information and control victims, finds a report by UCL researchers.

Social Sciences - Apr 21

Heavier social media use is associated with more frequent alcohol consumption among young people in the UK, according to a new UCL study. Published today in the journal Addiction , the study found that those aged 10-15 who used social media more regularly were more likely to drink alcohol.

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