The UCL Knowledge: Voluntary Healthcare Schemes

An image of a stethoscope lying on a surface next to a laptop.
An image of a stethoscope lying on a surface next to a laptop.
There are two voluntary healthcare schemes available to staff at UCL, for those considering paying for private healthcare cover. Find out more.

The EDUHEALTH scheme is well established and is available to UCL staff who want to have access to discounted private medical care. You can find out more about the EDUHEALTH scheme on their webpages.

UCL has now partnered with M&L Healthcare Solutions and General & Medical Healthcare to offer an additional scheme, providing you with access to discounted private medical insurance at competitive rates. General & Medical Healthcare are established providers of private medical and other specialist insurance services to individuals, families, professionals and businesses both within the UK and internationally. The product range provides choice for everyone considering private healthcare, offering both a low-cost option that provides essential levels of cover through to a comprehensive scheme with a more extensive range of cover and benefits. 

How do the schemes work?

For more information and illustrative rates and more information on how to get a quote, take a look at our Employee Benefits webpages which has links to further information on both schemes. If you decide to sign up, payments are taken via a direct debit from your bank account. 

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