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Health - Jan 22
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Life Sciences - Jan 16

A deep learning system can predict the structure of a protein using its genetic sequence more accurately than any previous modelling system, according to a study by researchers at DeepMind and UCL. Nearly every function our body performs relies on proteins.

Chemistry - Jan 10

Chemists have found a new use for the waste product of nuclear power - transforming an unused stockpile into a versatile compound which could be used to create valuable commodity chemicals as well as new energy sources.

Astronomy - Jan 14

A new study by a group of researchers at the University of Birmingham has found that collisions of supermassive black holes may be simultaneously observable in both gravitational waves and X-rays at the beginning of the next decade.

Astronomy - Jan 6

The publication of a new observation of gravitational wave data is being celebrated by researchers from the University of Glasgow's Institute for Gravitational Research, who helped support the international collaborations which made the detection possible.

Selected Jobs
Physics - 16.01
Scientific Data Analysis Group Leader Diamond Light Source, Harwell, Oxfordshire
Mathematics - 24.01
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Applied Mathematics University of Bath
Mathematics - 17.01
Rouse Ball Professorship of Mathematics University of Oxford
Materials Science - 17.01
Professorship of Materials Modelling University of Oxford
Astronomy/Space Science - 07.01
Professor in Extragalactic Astronomy University of Manchester
Computer Science/Telecom - 06.01
Lecturer or Associate Professor in Computer Science University of Leeds
Criminology/Forensics - 16.12.2019
Professor of Criminology Royal Holloway University of London
Career - 21.11.2019
Chair in Computer Networking University of Lancaster
Computer Science/Telecom - 19.11.2019
Lecturer or Associate Professor in Computer Graphics University of Leeds
Mathematics - 18.11.2019
Professor in Mathematical Finance / Actuarial Science University of Manchester
Employer of the Week

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