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Environment - Feb 21
Researchers from the University of Oxford have discovered that the Himalayan wolf is a unique wolf characteristically adapted to the harsh life in the Asian high altitudes where low oxygen levels challenge all life forms. The Himalayan wolf is considered an ancient wolf as it evolved prior to the contemporary grey wolf which is found in large parts of North America and Eurasia.
Environment - Feb 19

A team of early-career researchers from the University of Cambridge are working with the county council to identify the best ways for Cambridgeshire to reach net zero emissions.

Environment - Feb 17

Londoners equipped with wearable sensors will help researchers understand the effects of air pollution on personal health in real time.

Environment - Feb 17

Mediterranean-type climates face immediate drops in rainfall when greenhouse gases rise, but this could be stopped quickly if emissions are cut. This is the finding of new research published today in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , which adds to the list of known benefits of rapidly reducing greenhouse gas emissions to keep global heating below 1.5°C.

Environment - Feb 17

Many insects, mosses and lichens in the UK are bucking the trend of biodiversity loss, according to a comprehensive analysis of over 5,000 species led by UCL and the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH).

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