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Birmingham B15 2TT, UK
Computer Science - Mar 4
The speed at which we produce facial expressions plays an important role in our ability to recognise emotions in others, according to new research at the University of Birmingham. A team in the University's School of Psychology carried out research which showed that people tend to produce happy and angry expressions more rapidly, while sad expressions are produced more slowly.
Physics - Mar 4

Small and medium-sized businesses within the Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP (GBSLEP) region will be given a unique opportunity to access specialist technical equipment through the launch of the new Quantum Technology Innovation Hub (QTIH) at the University of Birmingham.

Health - Mar 3

A new UK study sponsored and run by the University of Birmingham has launched aiming to better understand the immune response to COVID-19 vaccinations in patients with certain immunosuppressed conditions including cancer.

Health - Feb 24

Governments face a dilemma in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic - impose an early lockdown to slow the virus' spread and encourage good health practice or delay to protect jobs and learn more about how the virus behaves, a new study reveals.

Psychology - Feb 24

Campaigners used quasi-religious and mythological themes to create a ‘Brexit religion' with the National Health Service (NHS) at its heart - persuading people to support Britain's withdrawal from the European Union, according to a new study.

Materials Science - Mar 3

Researchers working on the Faraday Institution ReLiB (Recycling and Reuse of Li-ion Batteries) project have completed the installation of new battery testing and storage facilities at the University of Birmingham.

Health - Feb 25

Smartphones could be used to scan people's eyes for early-warning signs of glaucoma - helping to prevent severe ocular diseases and blindness, a new study reveals.

Economics - Feb 24

A public consultation published today reveals overwhelming support for plans that will secure the future of the National College for Advanced Transport and Infrastructure.

Social Sciences - Feb 24

Prisons with more green space have lower levels of violence and self-harm, according to new research at the University of Birmingham and Utrecht University.

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