The UCL Knowledge: LinkedIn Learning

In the first of our regular articles focusing on staff matters at UCL, we’re taking a look at LinkedIn Learning. Find out how you can sign up to over 16,000 courses for free - and unlock LinkedIn Learning as a powerful teaching resource.

LinkedIn Learning is a valuable resource for both staff and students at UCL, providing free access to high-quality, professional online courses on a wide range of topics. Staff and students use it predominantly for technical courses (particularly in the areas of programming, data analysis and Microsoft and Adobe products), but also for leadership, project management, communication, and productivity skills. 

As well as individual courses, you can follow ’Learning paths’ that bring together a number of related courses to provide a more structured, in-depth look at a particular subject or skill.  All you have to do is visit the LinkedIn Learning page on the ISD website and use your UCL credentials to login and start browsing. You can use the ’My Goals’ area to identify skills you want to develop and relevant content will be recommended to you. You can also download material to catch up with when you’re offline and access courses via a mobile app. 

Any member of staff can also become a ’curator’ and create and recommend their own learning paths to others. This is particularly useful if you want to provide your staff or students with specific expertise related to their course or role and keep track of their progress. 

Ways that LinkedIn Learning is being used across UCL

    Education : Educators at UCL can embed a huge range of videos from LinkedIn Learning into their courses on Moodle. Find out how.  

  • Employability: UCL Careers have developed learning paths for students to develop key skills looked for by employers. 
  • Wellbeing: Students can access courses and information to help with their personal wellbeing, such as stress management and reducing burnout, digital wellbeing and productivity. 
  • Design and film editing skills: Courses offered include graphic skills, 3D design, and Adobe Premier Pro for film editing. 
  • Programming skills: LinkedIn Learning covers most major programming languages and includes hands-on coding practice. 
  • Leadership skills: Coaching and mentoring skills, listening and mediating skills, influencing, strategic leadership. 

    If you’d like to become a curator you can contact the Digital Skills Development team about getting set up, plus support with curating and recommending content

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