Teams up with Atos and Arm to offer wider cloud computing possibilities

Legion SupercomputerLegion Supercomputer

UCL’s Advanced Research Computing Centre (ARC) has combined its expertise and skills with a team of Atos and Arm experts focusing on hardware and software optimisations, together with a scientific team from UCL dedicated to scientific applications for specific use cases.

The collaborative project successfully ran the virus sequencing tool, Viridian, which is used to detect mutation of the SARS-Cov-2 strain of the coronavirus, using an Arm -based processor in a cloud native environment with Atos’ integration expertise. This proof of concept (PoC) was coordinated by Atos’ Life Sciences Center of Excellence.

Alex Wade, Research Associate at UCL, said:

" This codesign effort between Arm, Atos and UCL has allowed for the optimization of both new Arm hardware and cutting-edge genomics software, fortifying both for real world life science applications. Collaborating with industry partners has demonstrated a key idea for the future of HPC applications whereby hardware and software are tuned for performance in tandem, as opposed to the typical story of software continuously being updated to match new hardware releases.

ARC are keen to develop further collaborations and are actively seeking partnerships. If you want to find out more  contact the ARC team.


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