Seven Questions with... Nupur Sharma

This week we meet Public Policy MSc student Nupur, who’s involved in Student Support & Wellbeing’s I Heart Consent campaign. Nupur tells us about taking inspiration from the working women in her life and her experience at UCL since joining two months ago.

What are you studying, why are you interested in this subject and what do you plan to do in the future?

I am pursuing MSc Public Policy. My academic knowledge previously was limited to theoretical insights - Public Policy helps me bridge the gap in my learning and will provide me with the tools to engage more practically with my surroundings and other people.

In today’s time, it is challenging to draw iron walls around sectors considering there are often cross-disciplinary links. My future plan involves working towards bringing about a more sustainable environment in the textile and cultural sector, as well as others, which will ensure the participation of all genders, cultures and classes.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve done, seen or got involved with while at UCL?

With so many amazing events happening at UCL, it’s difficult to rank some more interesting than others. A recent highlight worth mentioning though is getting involved in the I Heart Consent campaign, which helps promote healthy and respectful relationships at and beyond UCL.

I find it exciting to go to different volunteer fairs around campus and discover new opportunities - there are countless campaigns happening not only in London, but all around the world too!

Have you discovered any hidden gems during your time at UCL?

It’s only been two months since I joined UCL, so I haven’t discovered any gems just yet. I am still acquainting myself to campus and the autumn bliss around UCL.

Give us your top three things to do/see/go to in London:

  • The best way to discover London is by foot - it takes you on a ride of self-discovery.
  • Visit some of the many museums in the city. Museums aren’t just places to discover history - they also help us connect to our present lives and future aspirations, and London is great in that it has a museum for every interest. 
  • Go shopping! But instead of just going to those high street shopping brands which you can find everywhere, head over to charity shops.
  • If you were Provost for the day what one thing would you do?

    A difficult position - ’with great power comes great responsibility’. As Provost, I would like to encourage students to take better care of each other’s mental health. The education we are given provides us with great tools to prosper, but we also need to promote retaining those human values of love and care in competitive environments. Happy human beings are more capable of helping others.

    Who inspires you and why?

    At several points of my life, I have turned to the ladies in my family for knowledge and insights. My mother, my sister and my aunts, in their own fields as house-makers, as working women inspire me. They have provided me with the motivation to conquer my area of work in a confident manner.

    What would it surprise people to know about you?

    I know crochet and calligraphy, and I love to work with watercolours.

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