Royal Academy of Engineering awards Senior Research Fellowship to UCL academic

Dr Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh - Photo of Dr Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh Credit: Mehrnoosh Sadrz
Dr Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh - Photo of Dr Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh Credit: Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh

Dr Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh (UCL Department of Computer Science) has been elected as a Senior Research Fellow by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Dr Sadrzadeh is one of eight researchers from across the UK to be recognised this year by the Royal Academy of Engineering, as it announces new industry-academia partnerships to address major engineering challenges.

Her research is in developing logical and mathematical models that can improve machine learning of text. In particular, she’s developing ways to incorporate tensors, an algebraic concept originally devised for the field of quantum mechanics, to help bridge the gap between different fields of logic to more fully represent natural language mathematically.

With the fellowship, she will build on her existing partnership with Cambridge Quantum and BBC Research & Development to further develop her mathematical models.

Dr Sadrzadeh received her Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and her Master’s in Logic from Sharif University in Tehran, Iran. She received her PhD from the University of Quebec and joined UCL’s Faculty of Engineering in 2019.

Commenting on her election, she said: "I am immensely grateful and feel inundated and empowered that such a prominent and impactful fellowship of engineers is supporting my research. The support from the Dean of Engineering, Head of Computer Science and UCL’s research funding office has been remarkable. I could not have done this without their help and the help of my industrial partners."

The Academy’s Research Chairs and Senior Research Fellowships scheme provides academics pursuing promising, industry-relevant research with five-year partnership positions with a business partner to establish a research group around their work.

This year’s honourees consist of three Senior Research Fellows and five Research Chairs.

Karen Holford, Chair of the Academy’s Research Committee said: "I remain endlessly impressed at just how creative engineers are at investigating solutions to real-world problems and these projects will deliver societal benefit not only in the UK but also globally," said. "The partnerships that support innovative engineering like this are vital to our future health and prosperity and the Academy values them very highly."