Room bookings guidance has moved to the UCL staff intranet

Guidance on how to book a room at UCL has been moved from the Estates website to the UCL staff intranet.

The guidance covers details of how to book the different types of space that can be booked by staff at UCL. It also includes information on booking meeting room catering and requesting security for an event.

"The spaces that can be booked by all staff using the CMISGo booking system cannot be booked by people outside of UCL, so it made sense to move them from the public-facing website to the staff intranet," explained Heena Varsani, Customer Services Manager.

Details of the conference venues at UCL that can be for hired by external organisations remain on the Estates website.

There are now more than 90 tasks on the UCL staff intranet, that help staff do things they need to carry out as part of their everyday roles. They include how to apply for a season ticket loan, how to change your password and how to get a new ID card.

The Room Bookings team moved to the PS Hub last autumn.

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