Question time: your education and student experience at UCL

Graphic text saying, ’Question time: Your student experience at UCL’
Graphic text saying, ’Question time: Your student experience at UCL’.
Have you got questions to ask UCL and the SU about your student experience and education? Well now you can.

Next in the series of Question time, Impartial Chair and President of PI Media, Conor Walsh, is putting your questions to UCL’s Vice-Provost of Education and Student Experience, Prof. Kathleen Armour and the Students’ Union UCL’s Equity and Inclusion Officer, Ahmad Ismail on all things education and student experience.

All current UCL students can ask questions about education and student experience, upvote other submitted questions and view what other people are putting forward.

Submit your questions here.

This can be anything on your mind such as:
  • How can I get involved with UCL’s LGBTQ+ action plan?
  • How can I access pastoral or academic support?
  • How do you act on students’ feedback?

Catch up on the last episode

To get an idea of what students asked last time, watch the previous Question Time episode, where you had the opportunity to send in your questions to UCL’s President and Provost, Michael Spence.

The Students’ Union UCL’s Postgraduate Officer, Issy Smith, interviewed the Provost about the conflict in Israel and Palestine, staff strikes, climate change, the cost of living, and the future of student life at UCL.

Watch the interview with the Provost here.
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