Everything you need to know to sit a Late Summer Assessment

Where to find all the guidance and top tips you need for taking a centrally-managed online exam this summer.

The Late Summer Assessment (LSA) period, for students who are sitting deferred or failed exams, takes place from 16 August to 3 September this year. All centrally-managed exams will be open book and take place online, on our new AssessmentUCL platform.

Important: This guidance is for centrally-managed exams only (all those that will be listed on your Exam Timetable ). You may also have other assessments that are being run by your department; they will advise you about these.

If you’ve taken an online exam on AssessmentUCL already this year, the guidance remains the same as the main exam period in April-May. However, we advise you to read through the information at the links below, take a practice exam and look out for emails from the Exams Team, to refresh your memory and get prepared for a successful LSA period.

For others, this may be the first central exam you take this year. If that’s you, there’s lots of important information you should review as you revise and prepare for exam day - watch out for important emails from the Exams Team ahead of the LSA period. We’ve summarised the key webpages below to help get you started with your exam prep.

Centrally-managed exams at UCL 2021

  • Important guidance on sitting Late Summer Assessments , including key dates, what’s meant by a 24-hour exam vs. a timed exam, when and how you’ll be able to view your timetable, and where you can find your online exams etc.

Sit a practice exam on AssessmentUCL

  • AssessmentUCL is our new digital platform for all centrally-managed exams. To make sure you’re familiar and comfortable with the system, including converting your exam document to PDF before you upload and submit, we advise you to sit a practice exam on AssessmentUCL well in advance of your real exam.

How to apply for exam adjustments

  • UCL will make reasonable adjustments to assessment to support students who are disabled or have any other health condition that may impact on their exams. For the Late Summer Assessment period, requests for exam adjustments must be received no later than three weeks before the start of the Late Summer Assessment period. You must ensure that your application is approved no later than 2 August 2021.

Exam Success Guide

  • The UCL Exam Success Guide will help you perform at the best of your ability on the day of your exam and get the best possible results. It contains strategies and tips for revising effectively and staying health ahead of and during the LSA period. You can also read more about how to revise for an open book exam in particular, and get some top tips for how to set yourself up for success on the day of the exam.

Got a question?

  • Check out the Exams FAQs page to see if your query is covered there. If you have any other questions please contact the Exams Team via askUCL.

Don’t forget, if you are struggling with your preparation, you’re not alone - if you’d like to discuss your situation, please get in touch with UCL Student Support and Wellbeing via askUCL.

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