Constructing Realities: last chance to see Bartlett work on show

This week marks the last chance to see Constructing Realities, an exhibition featuring the work of postgraduate students from the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture, running until Friday 1 October at Phase 2 on Fitzroy Street.

Constructing Realities showcases work from the new Postgraduate Certificate Course in Advanced Architectural Research, set up at UCL’s Bartlett School of Architecture,  to give students with masters degrees the opportunity to take their work to a further stage of development. The programme is supported by the Economic Challenge Investment Fund.

To view a gallery of the work on show, click on the slideshow below

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The exhibition shows how some of the best masters portfolios and theses contain the seeds of serious design research proposals, and how these might be taken forward to create new types of place, novel interactive building elements and new façade and structural systems.

Ruairi Glynn, Curator of Constructing Realities and Jennifer Greitschus, Curator of Exhibitions at Arup will be leading a half-hour guided tour at Phase 2 at 1pm on Friday 1 October. The tour will be followed by a talk entitled ‘Focus on Arup Lighting’ by Francesco Anselmo from Arup’s Lighting practice at 2.30pm.

Constructing Realities runs until 1 October 2010 at Phase 2, 8 Fitzroy Street and admission is free. To find out more go to the links above.

Image below right: Justin Goodyer, ?Five Stages of Bloom?. Photograph of completed prototype nylon SLS objects.

All images courtesy of Arup Phase 2
Photographer: Stephen Brayne

UCL context

British architectural education began at UCL in 1841, and since then the Bartlett School of Architecture has always been at the forefront of the international architectural debate.

This is a reputation strengthened by the most recent period of its history, during which a cohort of highly innovative teachers, designers, researchers and students have created a new wave of different architectures.

The school’s current staff and students, as well as its graduates, are now all inextricably involved in the production of new buildings, designs, books and all manner of architectural outputs. This a school where people constantly design, invent, explore, write, draw, teach, speculate, theorise, film, map, critique, analyse and imagine.

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