A level results day 2023, and results embargo

A colourful set of school lockers
A colourful set of school lockers
If you work in any area involving undergraduate applicants, find out more about the A level results embargo and training from UCAS that you may need to complete.

The 2023 main results day will take place on Thursday 17 August, with a small number of Scottish (SQA) results being released on Tuesday 8 August.

As with previous years, the Undergraduate Admissions Team will receive the exam results before applicants, enabling the team to carry out essential processing work in advance of the Scottish results publication and the A level and BTEC Results day. These results will be embargoed in advance of their publication. The 2023 UCAS Results Embargo will take place from 6pm on 31 July, until 9am oná8 August for Scottish results, and 2pm oná11 August, and will end at 8amáon 17 August 2023 , at which point, our undergraduate offer holders will be notified of their confirmation decision.

The annual UCAS embargo training is now available for you to complete. UCAS has a zero-breach policy on the embargo results.áTherefore, this training is mandatory for all staff who work in any area that involves undergraduate applicants.

Whilst in force, the embargo does not permit communication of any kind to our undergraduate applicants. This includes but is not limited to: sending out reading lists or module options, accommodation updates, visa information and confirming applicant status.

The training also provides information on critical dates and best practice and guidance in preparation for our receipt of embargoed results.

The training should take no more than 40 minutes to complete, and colleagues are asked to complete this as soon as possible and no later than 25 July 2023.
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