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Senate House, Tyndall Ave, Bristol BS8 1TH, UK
Environment - Feb 26
A new study using leading edge technology has shed surprising light on the ancient habitat where some of the first dinosaurs roamed in the UK around 200 million years ago. The research, led by the University of Bristol, examined hundreds of pieces of old and new data including historic literature vividly describing the landscape as a “landscape of limestone islands like the Florida Everglades?
Health - Feb 26

As COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out, a roadmap for unlocking Britain is announced, new research which looked at data from over 28,000 users of the website 'Germ Defence' since May 2020 highlights the continued, critical importance of breaking chains of virus transmission within our homes.

Health - Feb 25

Recognising the enormity of the challenges faced by the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic, experts from the University of Bristol have created a data monitoring system to help hospital staff as they care for patients.

Health - Feb 22

New research led by Swansea University in collaboration with researchers at the University of Bristol and the Francis Crick Institute in London has indicated that consuming a diet high in the sugar fructose might prevent the proper functioning of peoples' immune systems in ways that has, until now, largely been unknown.

Environment - Feb 22

Home gardens are by far the biggest source of food for pollinating insects, including bees and wasps, in cities and towns, according to new research.

Health - Feb 25

New evidence that opioid agonists such as methadone and buprenorphine could substantially reduce drug related deaths if more widely used in the community and prison, and for longer, has been published in Lancet Psychiatry today [25 February].

Health - Feb 25

A new study, led by researchers at the University of Bristol's Centre for Academic Primary Care in collaboration with colleagues in Queen Mary University of London, UCL, University of Oxford and IRISi will explore whether and how GP referrals to domestic abuse services have changed during the coronavirus pandemic.

Life Sciences - Feb 22
Life Sciences

Fascinating research by two University of Bristol academics features in a new BBC Two wildlife series.

Health - Feb 19

International experts are joining forces to combat vaccine hesitancy by tackling its root cause - misinformation - and arming key influencers with the facts.

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