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Pedagogy - May 13
Around 700 child deaths that occur in England each year might be avoided by reducing deprivation, finds a new NHS England-funded report published today [13 May]. The University of Bristol National Child Mortality Database (NCMD)-led analysis identified a clear association between the risk of death and level of deprivation for children in England, for all categories of death except cancer.
Physics - May 12

A scheme using quantum technology to encrypt messages from space is to be tested on a satellite in a programme involving University of Bristol researchers.

Innovation - May 11

A new partnership between Digital Catapult and the University of Bristol promises to cement the city's status as one of the most innovative places in the UK.

Life Sciences - May 6
Life Sciences

The origins of a pretty smile have long been sought in the fearsome jaws of living sharks which have been considered living fossils reflecting the ancestral condition for vertebrate tooth development and inference of its evolution.

Innovation - May 4

The basis for this breakthrough was published in the latest issue of the Journal of Experimental Biology and describes new technology developed by lead researcher, Professor Shelby Temple, to measure how well octopuswhich are colour-blind - could detect polarized light, an aspect of light that humans can't readily see.

Chemistry - May 12

Scientists have created new artificial tissues that mimic some of the complex characteristics and abilities of living tissues, paving the way towards unprecedented advances in medicine, soft-robotics, and micro-engineering.

Life Sciences - May 6
Life Sciences

The findings, published in the journal Science today , demonstrate how integrating vertical descent and horizontal gene transfer can be used to infer the root of the bacterial tree and the nature of the last bacterial common ancestor.

Health - May 6

Among the home nations, people in Scotland are most likely to think the coronavirus crisis has been handled badly in the UK, to say that the pandemic has damaged their trust in the UK government, and to distrust Boris Johnson on issues relating to COVID-19, according to a new study.

Health - Apr 30

Nearly one in five people who haven-t had a Covid vaccine say they'll feel resentful towards those who have if they don-t get one in time for their summer holidays, while the proportion of the public who think vaccine passports will infringe civil liberties has increased since March and about half think they-ll be sold on the black market, according to a new study.

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